Star Wars Squadrons: All New Ships & Extra Content


EA has surprised Star Wars: Squadrons fans with plans for two major updates by the end of 2020, one of which will add two new ships to the game.

Fans of Star Wars: Squadrons got a pleasant surprise when EA announced two end-of-year updates coming to the game. The updates will not only add new features for multiplayer, it will also add one of the most requested features from fans: new ships.

Star Wars: Squadrons is a combat flight simulator in the vein of classic games such as Star Wars: TIE Fighter. Unlike past games, Star Wars: Squadrons contained not only a single-player campaign, but a multiplayer function as well. Although it’s occasionally been plagued with bugs, especially on PC, Star Wars: Squadrons was generally well-received, and developed a small but dedicated multiplayer fanbase.  Since the beginning, developers have insisted the multiplayer side of Star Wars: Squadrons would not contain any microtransactions, and that no more DLC or story content would be added to the game.

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EA has since announced two major updates coming to Star Wars: Squadrons by the end of 2020. The biggest news is that the December update will add two ships to the game, something that looked highly unlikely given EA’s repeated insistence that there would be no DLC added to Star Wars: Squadrons in the future. The free update will add the B-Wing to the New Republic fleet, and the iconic TIE Defender to the Empire side. The December update will also allow players to create custom matches for multiplayer.

What’s Coming in Star Wars: Squadrons’ November Update


But before the December update, more content will be added in an update releasing on November 25th. The map of Fostar Haven will be put into rotation for multiplayer Fleet Battles and Dogfights. Fostar Haven previously had been only used in the single player prologue mission. The November update will also add four new components to Star Wars: Squadrons that can be added to ships. Bombers and Fighters will receive Boost Extension Kits and Prototype Piercing Torpedoes. The latter are special missile types that do smaller damage, but bypass shields on capital ships, allowing players to do more damage sooner before shields are disabled. Interceptors and Fighters will receive Ion Rockets, while the U-Wing and TIE Reaper will get Anti-Material Rocket Turrets.

Given how often EA warned players that Star Wars: Squadrons was not a live-service game and would not have frequent updates, it’s heartening to see it take the time to add requested features. Custom matches are being added in part to support community-run tournaments, allowing fans easier ways to organize. That, alongside the surprise addition of two new ships, is a welcome addition to Star Wars: Squadrons, especially since players get this new content for the low price of free.

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Star Wars: Squadrons is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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