Terminator: How Old Sarah Connor Is In Every Movie


Sarah Connor has spent a good chunk of four decades taking the fight to murderous machines, and here’s how old she is in each Terminator movie.

Sarah Connor has spent a good chunk of four decades taking the fight to murderous machines, and here’s how old she is in each Terminator movie. One of cinema’s all-time great action heroes, Sarah is also notable for being one of the first characters that proved women could lead an action movie just as well as any man could. She also experienced a notable character evolution, spending most of the first Terminator as a terrified target before pulling off a resourceful victory against the seemingly unstoppable T-800.

By Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah’s experiences had changed her, in some ways for the better and some for the worse. Sarah’s youthful naivety had been stripped away, replaced with the knowledge that the end of civilization was destined to occur unless she could stop it. She also knew that her son John would grow up to lead the human resistance against Skynet’s machine oppressors. On the other hand, Sarah had been traumatized by losing Kyle Reese and almost dying, leading to a woman that was tougher to the detriment of her emotional health.

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After seemingly being killed off for good in the original Terminator timeline, Sarah made a grand return in Terminator: Dark Fate, reeling from the sudden death of John, but determined to stave off the rise of a new A.I. overlord called Legion. She also did all that while being significantly younger than fans might expect.

Terminator: How Old Sarah Connor Is In Every Movie

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor in The Terminator


While Sarah Connor doesn’t have an official birth date, and her age isn’t mentioned onscreen, James Cameron’s script for The Terminator specifies that Sarah is 19-years-old. That’s much younger than Linda Hamilton, who was 28 when the movie released in 1984. To be fair, it’s not uncommon for actors to play younger then they actually are, but Hamilton looks like a women in her mid-20s in the film, not someone right out of high school. Still, it’s doubtful most fans would watch The Terminator and assume Sarah might be a freshman in college.

Terminator 2 is set several years after its release, in 1995. John Connor is intended to be 10 years old in the movie, despite Edward Furlong being 13 and looking it, another odd age gulf between actor and character. Sarah is stated to be 29-years-old, effectively confirming her intended age in the prior film. That at least lessens the gap between Sarah and Hamilton, who was 35 when T2 hit theaters. Still, she again doesn’t really look the character’s age.

Strangely, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines seems to try to correct for this, with her tombstone saying she was born in 1959 and died in 1997. That lines Sarah and Hamilton up much closer than before. However, Terminator Genisys changed things back, having Sarah portrayed as 9 in in 1973, which allows for a birth year of 1963 or 1964. Since Terminator: Dark Fate is back in Terminator 2‘s canon and ignores the following films, that would put Sarah at roughly 54 years old, as Dark Fate is set in 2020.

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