The 10 Best Episodes Of Yellowstone, According To IMDb


Yellowstone has been a smash hit since its 2018 premiere. Already on its fourth season, set to premiere next year, audiences can’t help but be hooked on the action, the cowboys, the Western atmosphere, the family drama, and all the chaos and mayhem that comes with owning a ranch, helmed by patriarch John Dutton (Kevin Costner).

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Several things happen in each episode that leaves audiences winded and wondering what could possibly come next; the show never fails to deliver. Also starring Kelly Reilly, Luke Grimes, Cole Hauser, Wes Bentley, and Gil Birmingham, the dynamic cast plays their characters to the max, leaving some memorable episodes in store.

10 “Going Back To Cali” (8.7)

Ranch hands facing off against the bikers in Yellowstone


Beth leaks vital information to the press concerning Market Equities, and their stocks plummet as a result, much to Beth’s delight and their consternation. She also reveals to her longtime love, Rip, that if he were to remain with her, she would be unable to bear his children.

Kayce faces a potential career opportunity when Governor Perry offers him the job of Livestock Commissioner. Meanwhile, California bikers with no regard for private property are taught a meaningful lesson by John and his men, who make the bikers dig their own graves and promises that the graves will remain should they ever return. With that, the bikers thank John for his mercy and hurriedly go back to which they came.

9 “The Unravelling: Part 2” (8.8)

John and Jamie in Yellowstone

An investigation concerning the bear that Rip killed in a previous episode takes place, and Rip finds himself in a heap of trouble as a result, though John comes to his defense. Meanwhile, Jamie is cut off from the family, with a delighted Beth going and informing her brother that he’s been fired.

Furthermore, Jamie is approached by reporter Sarah (Michaela Conlin of Bones), who wants to do a story on Jamie and his father, and Jamie later agrees to an interview with her. Kayce returns home after Monica leaves him, and he finds himself doing dirty work alongside Rip and some other ranch hands, hanging Dan Jenkins from a tree to get information.

8 “I Killed A Man Today” (8.8)

Monica in Yellowstone

Beth and Willa challenge one another by messing with the stocks of their respective companies, which Beth relishes. Wade Morrow takes things way too far when he attacks John’s ranch hands, Colby and Teeter, while they’re out working. They’re injured severely, but their fates are left unknown until the following episode.

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Monica gets a taste of danger when she volunteers as bait to catch a murderer to save Native American women, but she fails to tell her husband about it until after she had completed her task.

7 “Only Devils Left” (8.8)

Kayce with the Sheriff and another rancher in Yellowstone

The Dutton’s problems begin with the deaths of a majority of their cattle, found to have been intentionally killed. John is sure he knows who did it, but needs proof, and gets the Sheriff to deputize Kayce to help solve the crime. While Kayce does get some happiness in that he reunites with his wife and son in this episode, he must also bear witness to tragedy when he goes out on a call with the Sheriff and witnesses the tragic death of a rancher’s son while trying to investigate the deaths of the cows.

Meanwhile, Jamie is upset to learn that the ranch is put in a trust with only Kayce’s and Beth’s names on it, and Jimmy’s past comes back to haunt him in the form of two goons.

6 “Blood The Boy” (8.9)

Rip and Jamie in Yellowstone

Flashbacks show why Jamie became a lawyer in the first place, and it explains why he’s so desperate to undo the trouble he caused by giving Sarah, a reporter (played by Bones’ Michaela Conlin), several quotes about his father and the ranch. Sarah threatens to publish his words anyway, and Jamie panics, killing her by strangling her to death.

Jamie calls Rip for assistance, who reluctantly helps, but manages to frame Walker, a ranch hand that Rip detests, in the process, as he has Walker drive Sarah’s car and get his prints everywhere. Meanwhile, John finds out the perpetrator behind the killing of his cattle, and he arranges a meeting with Dan Jenkins and Thomas Rainwater to go against their enemies: the Beck brothers.

5 “Sins Of The Father” (9.1)

Kayce and John in Yellowstone

The Dutton family is out for blood in the Season 2 finale, when Tate, Kayce’s son, is kidnapped. The family pools their resources to do whatever it takes to get the boy back, and it makes for some nasty fights and brutal killings.

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Elsewhere, John gives Rip the greatest gift in that he recognizes him as a son, and gives him a house on his land.

4 “Meaner Than Evil” (9.1)

Rip, Kayce and John in Yellowstone

Beth finds herself on the losing side of her corporate war with Willa after she’s booted from Schwartz & Meyer, but Beth takes it surprisingly well. Beth being Beth threatens Willa, declaring that it isn’t over between them and she’ll be back for revenge, leading Willa to think that she should hire Beth in the future.

Wade Morrow gets his karma for his attack on John’s ranch hands in the previous episode, but not before John takes back the Yellowstone brand on Wade’s chest.

3 “Enemies By Monday” (9.1)

Beth and Monica in Yellowstone

The Dutton family is in for their fair share of hard times in this Season 2 episode. Jimmy’s grandfather is killed, and Rip helps the ranch hand exact his revenge on those responsible, literally setting off a big explosion in the process. Jamie learns that he’s about to become a father, and faces a difficult choice regarding his and his child’s future.

Monica is accused of stealing from a boutique in town and calls in Beth for assistance. Tate is kidnapped at the end of the episode, leaving the Duttons to quickly find a way to get him back.

2 “The World Is Purple” (9.2)

John and Beth in Yellowstone

Jamie gets to know his biological father, his allegiance with his adopted family beginning to fade, despite the fact that his father murdered his mother when he was a kid. Mia pushes a hesitant Jimmy into continuing his career in rodeo; even though earlier on Jimmy had been seriously injured and promised John he’d never enter rodeo life again.

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The Season 3 finale ends on a massive cliffhanger, as John and his daughter Beth, and son Kayce, are all targeted for death and their fates are left unknown.

1 “Resurrection Day” (9.5)

Jamie and John in Yellowstone

Beth and Rip share a special romantic moment between them, talking and drinking on the rooftop, which provides something lighter in comparison to the dark storylines this Season 2 episode has to offer. Jamie, struggling with his inner demons, and pushed to some degree by Beth, is ready to commit suicide but is saved by his father, who arrives just in time to stop him. Beth is approached by Malcolm Beck, but when she isn’t intimidated, as he had wanted, he sends two masked men after her.

Her assistant is killed and she is brutally beaten, but nonetheless exhibits utmost bravery, with Rip arriving in time to save her and take out her attackers.

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