The 5 Most Annoying Things Izzie Ever Did (& 5 Sweetest)


Izzie may no longer be a part of Grey’s Anatomy, but all of the great and not-so-great things she did left an indelible mark.

The hit ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has made fans laugh, cry, and share every joy and pain in the central protagonist Meredith Grey’s life for sixteen long years.

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Izzie or Isobel Stevens was one of the primary characters in Meredith’s gang for the first several seasons. She was one of the most compassionate and soft-hearted of the lot and some of the main storylines in the earlier seasons revolved around her. However, despite being the sweetest, there were also moments when Izzie could be exceptionally annoying.

10 Annoying: Kept Nagging George About Callie


Izzie was shown to be best friends with George O’ Malley, and his only confidante for a time. But their charming little friendship took a turn for the weird when Izzie started hating Callie, with whom George had a whirlwind relationship and marriage.

Not only did she hate Callie for no apparent reason, but also started poisoning George against her. True, George might have got into a commitment without a lot of foresight, but Izzie’s constant poking into something that was none of her business was literally annoying.

9 Sweetest: Was The Only One To Treat Alex With Respect

Izzie was the only one among Meredith’s gang of friends who never gave up on Alex Karev even though the latter was nothing but an insolent smartmouth to all and sundry.

Izzie had faith in Alex when no one else did and she was one of the reasons that Alex gradually became a more mellow, humane, and genial individual. It was unbelievably sweet of Izzie and of course, the two eventually fell in love.

8 Annoying: Slept With George

One of the weirdest and most annoying storylines in the earlier seasons of Grey’s Anatomy was the awkward relationship between Izzie and George. Although both were fan favorites, a sexual relationship between the two made absolutely no sense and was actually rather frustrating.

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Moreover, George and Izzie sleeping together, with George ending up cheating on Callie, went against the grain of both characters who were shown to be good people who would never hurt anyone intentionally. Thankfully, the writers probably realized that the couple made no sense as such and discarded that particular plot.

7 Sweetest: Went Out Of Her Way To Help Patients

Izzie was always the most compassionate and human of the surgical interns and could be incredibly sweet at times.

She went out of her way to help a patient who didn’t speak her language, and couldn’t communicate with her. But she never gave up and went out in secret on a rainy evening to help her patient, who was an illegal immigrant and couldn’t afford the treatment.

6 Annoying: Risked All Her Friends’ Careers For Denny

One of the primary storylines involving Izzie Stevens in season 2 was when she tried to save her patient, and lover, Denny Duquette’s life, by famously cutting the L-Vad wire so that Denny would be bumped to the top of the heart transplant list.

While the gesture resulted from absolute desperation and deep love, it was also extremely thoughtless and annoying since Izzie risked putting not only her own but also the careers of all her friends who had known that she had literally stolen a heart for Denny that wasn’t supposed to go to him in the first place.

5 Sweetest: Helped Create The Free Clinic

Izzie Stevens Grey's

Denny died shockingly even after all the desperate measures taken by Izzie and left her a whopping 8.7 million dollars.

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Izzie caused a lot of panic among her roommates like George and Meredith when she didn’t deposit the check straight away. Finally though, instead of using the money for her own gain, Izzie, true to her compassionate self, gave it to Bailey to kick start the free clinic, the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic, which was meant to offer medical services to patients for free. It was a lovely decision and the perfect way to commemorate Denny.

4 Annoying: Nagged Alex About Ava

Alex And Izzie Grey's

Another time Izzie nagged someone and brought on the fans’ ire on her was when she suspected Ava of lying to Alex about her pregnancy, with the intention of getting rid of a rival.

The Alex-Ava storyline was definitely poorly conceived but Izzie’s zealous interference, again, into something that didn’t really concern her was annoying to watch. She clearly had feelings for Alex but could have let him figure out about Ava’s mental condition on his own, instead of behaving like a bull in a china shop.

3 Sweetest: Helped Save A Deer

Izzie was soft-hearted, which extended not only to other people around her but also to animals in need.

When a young boy and his father showed up with an injured deer, it was Izzie who didn’t give up in spite of all her interns making fun of her for wasting time on an animal. She even managed to save the deer in the end, proving she had both tenacity and goodness of heart.

2 Annoying: Left Alex Without A Word

After Izzie started recovering from her surgery, she and Alex got into a tiff, and Izzie eventually left, without so much as a word to anybody, let alone to Alex.

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Other than the fact that actress Katherine Heigl who played Izzie was leaving the show, the exit was sudden and frustrating since Izzie had become a primary character on the show over the years. And for someone like her to leave her husband without a word seemed bizarre and abrupt.

1 Sweetest: Had Alex’s Twins

Alex Izzie Twins

In season 16, it was revealed that Izzie had gone on to recover completely from her cancer and had even had kids. She had undergone artificial insemination with Alex’s sperms that the two had frozen years ago with a lot of foresight.

The fact that Izzie Stevens. Alex’s one great love had had his twins who were happy and healthy did leave a lot of fans teary-eyed, even if that meant an abrupt departure for Alex Karev. Izzie, always a good, sweet soul, kept true to Alex after all.

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