The Main Characters Sorted Into Their Hogwarts Houses


In a story filled with pilots, spies, pirates, mechanics, and agents of the First Order, Star Wars Resistance featured a colorful cast of characters. With much of the story taking place aboard the refueling station called the Colossus, the show naturally featured these individuals from all walks of life, all of whom exhibited a variety of character traits.

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A rich variety of personalities naturally makes one think of Hogwarts Houses and where the Sorting Hat would place each of these unique individuals. This question is even more intriguing when considering that Resistance‘s main character, Kazuda Xiono, was far from a traditional hero.

10 Jarek Yeager: Hufflepuff

Star Wars Resistance Map


Yeager was a Hufflepuff because of the value he placed on loyalty, hard work, and justice. Even though Yeager and Kaz were very different people, Yeager came to respect Kaz. He respected how loyal Kaz was toward his friends, how hard Kaz worked to become a better spy and mechanic, and how Kaz was committing his life to a cause much bigger than himself.

Yeager left his quiet retirement behind to protect Kaz and to fight alongside him and the Resistance, the only hope of combatting the unjust First Order. Yeager was also willing to put everything on the line to help other hardworking folks that he was loyal to such as Tam and Neeku.

9 Torra Doza: Gryffindor

Torra Doza in Star Wars Resistance

Torra was an adventure-seeking individual. She was unafraid to take risks as an Ace pilot, both during racing competitions and when defending the Colossus. As the daughter of Captain Doza, Torra lived a privileged life aboard the Colossus, but she was often restless and craved adventure.

As the First Order grew more oppressive, Torra bravely stood against them and did everything in her power to defend her family, her friends, and her home.

8 Neeku Vozo: Ravenclaw

As a mechanic for Team Fireball and later on as chief engineer for the Colossus, Neeku was a highly intelligent individual both in theoretical and applicational capacities. He had kinesthetic intelligence and a deep understanding of mechanics that allowed him to successfully diagnose and fix the many problems with the Fireball and Colossus.

Beyond being intelligent, Neeku had a genuine love of learning. He loved meeting new people, new creatures, and learning about them and their unique cultures and identities. Despite taking things too literally sometimes, Neeku’s intelligence and his love of learning made him an undeniable Ravenclaw.

7 Agent Tierny: Slytherin

Tam Ryvora Star Wars Resistance season 2

Agent Tierny quickly cemented her status as a cunning Slytherin. Shortly after meeting Tam Ryvora, Tierny convinced her to abandon her friends on the Colossus and to join the First Order.

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Tierny was able to get what she wanted by making Tam feel valued and wanted, a manipulative and effective strategy that worked better than the more aggressive tactics employed by her peers in the First Order. She knew how to read people, manipulate their desires, and get them to act against their own interests.

6 Kazuda Xiono: Hufflepuff

Star Wars Resistance Season 2 Header

Kaz was a unique protagonist, largely because he didn’t have the Gryffindor spirit of most protagonists in Star Wars. He wasn’t a natural hero who would boldly run into any situation to save the day. Instead, Kaz was a bumbling individual with a big heart.

He was always loyal to the Resistance and to his friends. He never gave up on people and always thought about others before himself. He was constantly working as hard as he could to become a better Resistance spy, mechanic, friend, and leader. He wasn’t fearless like a typical Gryffindor hero and instead had the loyalty, strong work ethic, and kindness of a true Hufflepuff.

5 Synara San: Gryffindor

Star Wars Resistance Synara San

Synara was an undercover pirate meant to infiltrate the Colossus. She was always bold and courageous, but what made her a Gryffindor was the sense of justice that she developed. She became close with Kaz and Tam, and her true loyalties shifted to the people of the Colossus instead of her band of pirates.

Synara’s values ultimately aligned more with the people of the Colossus than with the pirates and she stood against the pirates and their mutiny. From pirates to the First Order, Synara would fearlessly face any enemy and fight them to defend what she believed in.

4 Tam Ryvora: Slytherin

Tam from Star Wars Resistance season 2

Tam was a Slytherin because of her deep sense of ambition. Unlike many others on the Colossus, Tam was not content with the simple life she led and aspired to live a larger, more meaningful life where she could have the opportunity to be a stellar pilot. Agent Tierny preyed on this ambition and lured Tam into the First Order by making Tam’s ambition feel recognized and attainable in a way that no one else ever had.

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Tam wasn’t just a Slytherin because of her ambition, though. As a mechanic for Team Fireball, a First Order cadet, and, when she finally defected from the First Order to save her friends, Tam proved to be cunning and resourceful in many challenging circumstances. She often managed to find success with limited resources in seemingly impossible situations.

3 Captain Doza: Hufflepuff

Captain Doza in Star Wars Resistance

After serving with the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, Captain Doza learned the danger of blind loyalty. As the person responsible for leading and protecting the people of the Colossus, Doza remained loyal to his people without losing sight of what was right. Doza gave his loyalty to the people who deserved it and stood firm with a sense of justice against the First Order.

Even though he didn’t always see eye-to-eye with individuals like Kaz and Yeager, he trusted them because of the loyalty and empathy they showed. This Hufflepuff bond helped Captain Doza to connect and work with people like Kaz and Yeager, partnerships that benefitted the people aboard the Colossus.

2 Hype Fazon: Gryffindor

Hype Fazon in Star Wars Resistance

Enamored with their own bravery and nerve, Gryffindors can sometimes be boastful and have an ego. That was certainly true of the gifted, overconfident, and flashy Ace pilot Hype Fazon.

Hype reached true Gryffindor status when his courage was used to stand up against the First Order and defend others. His daring ways transcended racing competitions and became part of him standing up for something greater than himself or his ego.

1 Commander Pyre: Slytherin

Pyre Tierny Jace Rucklin Die in Star Wars Resistance season 2 finale

Instead of occupying the Colossus through brute force, Commander Pyre crafted a cunning plan where the First Order would work with pirates. These pirates would attack the Colossus, with no one but the First Order able to protect the Colossus from the pirate attacks.

In order to protect the Colossus from the pirates, Captain Doza would eventually have no choice but to submit to a First Order occupation. Commander Pyre was cunning, manipulative, ambitious, and a capable enough leader to make this plan a success and prove that he was a Slytherin.

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