The Masked Singer: Who Seahorse Is Confirmed (Hint: Not Carrie Underwood)


Which powerhouse singer is Seahorse? ScreenRant has an answer. We’ve figured out who’s behind the mask and it is NOT Carrie Underwood.

Seahorse on The Masked Singer season 4 has blown it out of the water with her vocal skills. We’ve been able to use the clues to figure out exactly which powerful singer is behind the glamorous sea mask.

The names being put out there for Seahorse are all very talented singers. After the first performance and clue package, many thought it was American Idol star, Carrie Underwood. There were definitely a few clues that fit the country singer. Then, a chicken of the sea clue had many pivoting to the former reality star, Jessica Simpson. The phrase has long been attached to the singer, and she definitely has the vocal skills needed to pull it off. While both ladies are extremely talented, we have predicted since her first The Masked Singer performance that Seahorse is singer Tori Kelly. The latest round of clues seems to back up this theory.

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Seahorse’s most recent clue package started with a no symbol over a mouth with a broken tooth. Tori Kelly has an album called Unbreakable Smile. There was a “fail” brand and Kelly failed to make it to the Top 24 of American Idol. This was something she’s discussed was a struggle to come back from. There was a clown that points to Kelly’s hit song “Funny” and a broken heart sign for her song “Broken Hearted” with Jeremy Passion.  “A dream is a wish your heart makes,” was a strong Disney reference shown, and the pop star has recorded a song for a Disney album and performed at the Radio Disney Music Awards. There were clocks with 9 on them and Tori was on American Idol season 9. Her childhood clue was a feather inside a balloon and Tori Kelly’s logo is a feather in the middle of her name. Clearly, feathers have a strong significance for her.


The clues from previous packages were an even stronger link to the 27-year-old singer. One of the very obvious clues was a rainbow frog. When it comes to clues, this is as on the nose as you’re going to get. Kelly sang with Kermit the Frog on an ABC special in 2016. The song they sang was “Rainbow Connection.” Next to the frog were two dogs. The dogs were a dead ringer for the pop singer’s own two dogs, Frodo and Dobby. The fact that she named her dog Dobby after a character in the popular and magical YA series fits yet another clue. There was a hog with warts and this is a Hogwarts/Harry Potter clue. There was also a white dove. Kelly has a GMA Dove Award and also happens to have a song called, “City Dove”.

The characters and themes of her clue packages point to Kelly as well. In the first one, the characters were drinking tea. Kelly is such an avid tea drinker that she did a “Tea with Tori” before her shows, where lucky fans could join her. Both packages had a Western theme and while many think of her as a pop singer, her most recent hit song was, “Take Back Home Girl”, a song she recorded with country music star, Chris Lane. There was also a tug of war in the previous clues, and “Should’ve Been Us” (one of her biggest songs) includes the lyrics Back and forth like a tug o’ war. Even the Sneak Peek episode clue fit. The clue was about the fact that it’s good to have a quiet place to hide as the ocean is dangerous is an easy to link reference to Hiding Place, which is the title of one of Kelly’s albums. If the overwhelming number of clues hasn’t convinced you, then the build and voice should. I’m sorry, Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson fans, but Seahorse is Tori Kelly.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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