The Queen’s Gambit Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses


A new Netflix series has taken the streaming platform by storm. The Queen’s Gambit swiftly rose to claim the top spots in the streamer’s most-watched programs. Anya Taylor-Joy, known for The Witch, Peaky Blinders, and Emma, stars as the troubled chess prodigy, Beth Harmon. Beth is orphaned as a young girl and develops an addiction to pills and alcohol in her youth.

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She’s also the best chess player in the world, in spite of her humble beginnings. As one of the only women in the game, she is often ridiculed or not taken seriously, but she genuinely doesn’t understand why people are so concerned with her gender. She finds mentors in fellow chess players Harry Beltik and Benny Watts, and interacts with a number of other interesting figures along the way. Here are the characters of The Queen’s Gambit, sorted into Hogwarts houses.

10 Beth Harmon: Gryffindor

The Queen's Gambit Beth 2


As the lead character, Beth best exemplifies Gryffindor qualities. Gryffindors are best known for their courage, determination, chivalry, nerve, and daring. Beth is often guided by her emotions, and even when playing, she relies on her intuition in the moment.

9 Townes: Hufflepuff

Hufflepuffs are best known for their loyalty, hard-working nature, patience, and desire for justice. Townes isn’t seen a whole lot through the series, but when he is around, he’s usually trying to support Beth, even when she believes that he’s let her down.

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Even after the awkwardness of their moment in the hotel room, and how Beth pushes Townes away, he remains loyal to Beth and shows up for her when it matters most.

8 Harry Beltik: Hufflepuff

The Queen's Gambit Harry Beltik

Though he’s a very different character to Townes, Harry Beltik also best fits into Hufflepuff. He exemplifies the traits of several different Hogwarts houses, but he is guided mostly by his dedication to the game of chess, which requires hard work.

He’s also very patient during games and with Beth. Like Townes, he remains loyal to her even after she pushes him away. Their romance doesn’t work out, but he still commits himself to their friendship. He’s also very kind most of the time, which is how Hufflepuffs often behave.

7 Alma Wheatley: Ravenclaw

The Queen's Gambit Alma and Beth

Though she doesn’t play chess, Alma shows off her intellect on plenty of occasions throughout the series. Like many Ravenclaws, Alma is very witty and clever, which comes through in her dialogue.

She also gives Beth a lot of advice that she takes with her into her adulthood. Alma is wise despite the limiting and unfulfilling lifestyle she has led in her marriage to Allston.

6 Benny Watts: Slytherin

Benny on the phone seated next to a chessboard in The Queen's Gambit

Not all Slytherins have to be evil, and in fact, the traits they are best known for are their ambition, cunning, leadership, and resourcefulness.

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Benny is guided by all of these traits, both in and outside of chess. He enjoys winning, and he has a strategy to make sure he will be victorious. Even when he loses to Beth, he will do anything he can to help her win.

5 Annette Packer: Hufflepuff

The Queen's Gambit Annette Packer

Annette Packer is the first female player – and player of any gender – Beth plays in her first chess tournament. She is very kind to Beth, even though she’s a little strange and serious. When Beth gets her first period at the tournament, Annette sticks by her and offers her company.

Years later, Annette comes to watch Beth play in Lexington, but Beth doesn’t even recognize her. She’s also heavily intoxicated and hungover, so she isn’t exactly in her friendliest mood. Still, Annette treats her with kindness.

4 Mr. Shaibel: Ravenclaw

The Queen's Gambit Beth v Shaibel

Mr. Shaibel is just as taciturn and serious as young Beth is, which is probably why they enjoy each other’s company so much. They are able to understand each other and help each other.

It’s through his cleverness that he’s such a good chess player and his wisdom that allows him to be such a great teacher to Beth. Nobody knows anything about Shaibel outside of his ability to play chess, but from what viewers can see of him, he seems best to fit into Ravenclaw.

3 Jolene: Ravenclaw

The Queen's Gambit Jolene

When Jolene comes back into Beth’s life as a young adult, Beth thinks she’s like her guardian angel or her savior, but Jolene reminds her that she’s only human.

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Almost every line Jolene delivers is witty and something that Beth can learn from. Despite her youth, she is wise. Her life experiences have made her clever, and she shows off her knowledge of the world when she speaks to Beth about her career.

2 Vasily Borgov: Slytherin

Borgov The Queen's Gambit

Borgov could easily be seen as cunning in an evil way, but everyone’s perception of his character changes within the last few minutes of his screentime. He congratulates Beth warmly, conceding his defeat like a true sportsman.

Borgov is the best player in the world – until he’s defeated by Beth – for a reason. He will do whatever it takes to win, even adjourning in Russia. He’s one of the most ambitious players in the game, and his cunning strategy is a typical Slytherin quality.

1 Matt & Mike: Hufflepuff

The Queen's Gambit Matt and Mike and Beth

Matt and Mike first meet Beth when she shows up to play chess. She wants to play someone with a higher ranking, but they dismiss her concerns. When they see how successful she is, they change their minds about her.

They become close friends of Beth’s, accompanying her on tours, giving her advice, answering questions, and most importantly, helping her out in her game against Borgov in Russia. Their loyalty and hard work make them Hufflepuffs.

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