Toy Story 4 Honest Trailer Releases Despite Soul Delay


Screen Junkies has dropped the honest movie trailer for Toy Story 4, despite the recently announced delay in Soul’s release on Disney+.

Screen Junkies recently posted the honest movie trailer for Toy Story 4 despite a release delay for Disney and Pixar’s new film, Soul. Toy Story 4 came out in June 2019, and though fans have been eagerly awaiting an honest trailer for the widely beloved movie, the trailers usually aren’t released until the next Pixar film drops in theaters. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic causing multiple delays for the highly anticipated picture Soul, fans were given a pleasant surprise when the honest trailer for Toy Story 4 dropped early.

Screen Junkies posted Toy Story 4’s honest trailer yesterday and did not hold back from poking fun at the whimsical characters, unexpected plot, and the appearance of Keanu Reeves in the 2019 movie. The video also points out how Pixar has managed to coat heavy topics like existential dread and letting go of the past in an understandable way for children while keeping the trailer lighthearted. Take a look at the video below:

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The trailer gave a spot-on impression of how many of the now-adult fans of the Toy Story franchise felt after watching the movie. While Toy Story 3 wrapped up the trilogy perfectly, Toy Story 4 provided a new perspective to the beloved characters’ lives and gave Woody’s life a new purpose, one with endless possibilities. Screen Junkies also made some excellent points about Toy Story’s confusing world but admitted that audiences could overlook these inconsistencies because of the film’s emotional value.

Because of the delays in Disney films like Soul and Black Widow and the general dissatisfaction with the live-action Mulan, the satirical honest trailer for Toy Story 4 was exactly what fans needed. Hopefully, Disney does not delay Soul any further, and content creators can go back to making parodies and honest trailers for their new favorite films soon.

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Source: Screen Junkies

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