Why Big Ed’s Drumming Skills Are Underwhelming Instagram


90 Day Fiancé’s Big Ed posted two black and white videos of himself playing the drums to Instagram, leaving many fans asking, “Why?”

Big Ed from 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days is drumming up a storm on Instagram. However, some fans are not having it and, in fact, are wondering why Big Ed felt his drum-alongs were worth posting.

Big Ed has been up to some strange things on Instagram lately. Recently, he posted a photo of Awkwafina wearing a shirt with his face on it. To Ed, this was probably a huge deal, as he has worked hard to market himself and turn himself into a character. He has his own merch line called BigEd Wear that features many animation-style images of himself. It looks like Awkwafina got her shirt from a third party vendor, though Big Ed didn’t seem to mind, writing in his caption that she was “the funniest girl on social media.” Some fans wondered how he found the picture of Awkwafina and found it creepy of him to post it on his own page. Only a week prior, Big Ed was in hot water for his Veteran’s Day post, which included a tag for his merch website. Fans were not happy he used Veteran’s Day to promote his own products, especially since he’s not a veteran and his merch is not related to veterans in any way.

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Now, Ed has pivoted into posting black and white videos of himself drumming along to classic songs. However, his followers are feeling a bit underwhelmed with his performance. They noted that the beats were quite simple and basic. One fan wrote that the “timing is off” with an angry emoji. Another noted, “Neighbors must love you when you’re banging on those drums Eddy!” You can see the underwhelming post for yourself below:

Beyond the unimpressive videos, Big Ed posting two drumming videos in a row struck viewers as strange. One fan asked, “Did someone actually pay money to watch you play the most basic beat on a sh*tty drumset? I’d be disappointed if I were them.” However, it seems like Big Ed is playing for free. While certain followers made fun of Ed, other fans seemed to be impressed by his newly revealed skill. A fan wrote, “BIG ED WILL YOU BE THE DRUMMER IN MY BAND PLS?” Many were surprised to learn Big Ed could play drums at all, even if his skills are pretty basic.

The videos left viewers with many questions: how many drumming videos will Big Ed post? Will he learn a new beat? Why is one of his drums duct-taped together? For now, to all of our dismay, these questions remain unanswered.

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