Why Does Ari Keep Emasculating Biniyam?


90 Day Fiance: The Other Way fans are wondering why Ariela keeps emasculating and insulting Biniyam when he is only trying to do his best.

Why does Ari from 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way keep emasculating her fiancé, Biniyam? The American wants her boyfriend to make a good impression on her older parents, who are currently visiting, but she has a weird way of encouraging him.

Biniyam has already made it clear to Ariela in last week’s episode that his love will “grow smaller” due to her insecure attitude and jealousy issues. While fans understand that the new mom is completely alone in a new country, she is coming across as a bit controlling and overbearing to Biniyam, who is just trying to work his multiple jobs to support his family.

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In this week’s episode, fans will see the New Jersey native continue to undermine Biniyam as she prepares for the arrival of her mother and father. Even though their surroundings and luxuries are minimal, the Ethiopian seems to be trying his best to make everything perfect, even installing a new toilet seat in their bathroom.

90 Day Fiance- The Other Way - Biniyam Shibre-Ariela Father Mother


Ariela was already upset after her parents arrived because Biniyam chose to go to work the same evening. The next morning, his future in-laws wasted no time in letting him know that he would need to find a more stable job than a singer or a dancer. Both mother and father asked how much he made a month, which viewers understandably found inappropriate. Ariela’s mother even told them that they need a bigger and nicer home to live in, even though their new apartment is already breaking the bank for the artist. TLC viewers continued to watch as the family took a stroll through the local market, where Biniyam tried to show them his culture by buying a chicken to kill in their honor. Both mother and daughter were appalled and made him give it back, obviously embarrassing him. Then, grandma said that he was not allowed to touch baby Avi again until his hands were washed.

While the American and Ethiopian cultures are certainly two different worlds that could take time to get used to, it seems that this separation may cause a huge divide amongst the couple. Biniyam is trying his best to welcome and impress her parents, but it doesn’t seem like she appreciates his efforts. Ariela spoke with cameras, saying that since Biniyam does not understand how she was raised, he will never recognize her opinion or points. Many fans do not think it will be too long before Ari realizes they’re not a good match and moves her and her son back to New Jersey.

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90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs Sunday at 8 pm EST on TLC.

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