5 Ways It’s Better Than Spider-Man PS4 (& 5 It’s Worse)


Spider-Man PS4 took the gaming world by storm – but now that Miles Morales has his own playable adventure, whose is the better game?

The success of Spider-Man PS4 made it possible for its successor Spider-Man: Miles Morales to be released as a launch title for the PS5. It’s been a well-received game that’s become noteworthy in the list of spin-off titles that have been released over the years.

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To an extent, Miles Morales can be seen as the better of the two Spider-Man titles, thanks largely to the game improving on points from its predecessor. It’s not all good news, though, as Miles Morales can easily be considered inferior to Spider-Man PS4 as well due to some nagging issues that hold the game back in its quality.

10 Better: Expanding On Miles’ Characterization

Spider-Man Miles Morales Screenshot


The first Spider-Man game did provide insight into Peter Parker’s character, but it felt like more of the same from the live-action films and the animated series. Miles’ role was also rather sedate, making his titular game the one where he got more personality.

He comes into his own as a superhero in the spin-off, which also devotes more time to its protagonist than the original one did. The story here gives more reasons to be on Miles’ side, as his vulnerable and powerful moments are better highlighted.

9 Worse: Lack Of Stakes

Spider-Man Miles Morales Norman Osborn Connors Lizard Post-Credits

If this game were a movie, there’s no doubt it would have one of the smallest budgets yet. Spider-Man: Miles Morales plays just like a spin-off would, in that the story is very self-contained and there’s never any real danger involved.

It doesn’t take things on a grand scale like Spider-Man PS4 did, with the feeling remaining that Miles was treated like a smaller level hero. This places the player in a sense of security as it becomes clear that everything will be all right, which doesn’t bode well for the overall experience.

8 Better: Music

Spider Man Miles Morales Harlem

There’s no doubt that Miles Morales deserves to be included in the games with the best soundtracks. There’s a kind of aesthetic quality that accompanies every sequence, separating one from the other and setting up situations appropriately.

The synthetic style with which the soundtrack is blended together really is a treat for the ears. Spider-Man PS4 aimed too much for the “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” angle and the music was too one-note to remain in memory.

7 Worse: Lower Quality Side Missions

Spider Man Miles Morales Spider Verse Suit

It was too much to ask for a Spider-Man title to have side missions like GTA V features, but Miles Morales managed to be even worse than its predecessor. Spider-Man PS4 itself was very weak in this regard with next to nothing to do after the main campaign.

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Miles Morales is weaker since the player isn’t motivated to engage in side missions even when there’s absolutely nothing to do. These missions are far too simplistic and don’t seem worth one’s time especially after the main story is over.

6 Better: Fresh Take On Main Villain

the underground miles morales tinkerer spider-man

When stacking up the list of villains usually featured in Spider-Man, the name of guys like the Tinkerer doesn’t come up. And yet, Miles Morales manages to make the villain an engaging one by providing a backstory that one can sympathize with.

While Spider-Man PS4 had done so with Doc Ock as well, it was very obvious that he would become a villain and his antics also shed his sympathetic quality. Miles Morales, on the other hand, keeps the villain as a threat but also keeps a fine balance between the Tinkerer’s motives.

5 Worse: Copying The Combat Mechanics Of Its Predecessor

Spider-Man Miles Morales Cover Venom Shot

When it comes to the combat aspect of things, everything from the basics to the final fights is a carbon copy of Spider-Man PS4. Of course, it’s always fun to play things when they’re original, which makes the first game much superior.

Miles only has a few moves that are distinct to him, but these are casual in nature that their addition is largely negligible. Those that didn’t particularly enjoy Spider-Man PS4’s combat will be turned off even more by Miles Morales due to the lack of originality.

4 Better: Fluid Movement

Peter Parker And Miles Morales Swinging Around Manhattan

The parkour is something that Miles Morales seems to have put extra effort into. This was one of the standout features of Spider-Man PS4, yet the spin-off is much better due to the removal of the main character’s tendency to go off on his own tangent while free-running.

Despite the map being the same from the previous game, it feels a bit fresh to go off on a swing of New York City due to Miles’ more fluid movements. It’s always worth engaging in the swinging sequences, even more so now when it’s just so natural.

3 Worse: Simplistic Storyline

Spider-Man Miles Morales PS5 Showcase Gameplay Trailer

Don’t count on finding Miles Morales among the Spider-Man stories that were most memorable, as the plot here is far too simplistic. Had it been a Peter Park story, this could have qualified for an episode among his numerous animated series.

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While it fits the young Miles Morales well, there’s not much wit that’s gone into this story. Spider-Man PS4 had managed to keep things ticking due to the presence of a few mysteries within the plot, but Miles Morales doesn’t require one to put their thinking caps on.

2 Better: Fast-Paced Style

Spider Man Miles Morales STRIKE Suit

To its credit, Spider-Man PS4 did boast of quick gameplay mechanics, but there’s no doubt that Miles Morales does it better. It might be the presence of a younger character, as everything about this story seems to be as quick as Spider-Man’s reflexes.

The story jumps from one point to another without taking a break and the gameplay reflects this as well. The agility of Miles is pretty insane, which is bolstered by the nature of the missions that generally require players to be quick on their feet.

1 Worse: Forgettable Supporting Characters

Marvel's Spider-Man Miles Morales Epilogue

The people around Miles were certainly likable, but they can’t claim to be all that interesting. The high point of Spider-Man PS4 was the availability of Mary Jane and Miles as playable characters, with both of their sequences bringing something new.

Miles Morales doesn’t feature this quality, instead having characters for whom being nice is basically their whole personality. The supporting characters just don’t have a level of spunk or depth that would make one want the game to keep them around.

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