Beyond Light Players’ Futures Told In Official Horoscopes


In a bizarre marketing stunt, Destiny 2 has released some official horoscopes, telling fans their futures to build hype for Beyond Light.

Xbox is sharing official Destiny 2 horoscopes to get players excited for the new expansion, Beyond Light. The new expansion was released on November 10th, and it significantly shakes up the gameplay and storyline of the live-service sci fi shooter. It also introduces powerful new Stasis abilities that players can use to drastically alter the tide of battle, though PvP competitors have been complaining about how overpowered they can be when turned on one’s fellow player.

Destiny 2 is broadly considered to be a major success story for developer Bungie. The online shooter had an underwhelming launch stymied by a critical lack of endgame content, and player numbers dropped off quickly. Fortunately, the developers turned it around quickly with the launch of the Forsaken expansion, a major release that overhauled the entire game. Since then Destiny 2 has had a very successful live-service period, though no expansions have been released which can quite compete with the scale of ForsakenBeyond Light may not be quite that size, but it was still a very hotly anticipated title in the months leading up to its release.

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Now that the expansion is live, Xbox has taken to Twitter to get players interested in a very strange new way. Since “Beyond Light will take you past everything you’ve ever known,” Xbox has seen fit to equip fans with “prophecy” to aid their journey in the form of official Destiny 2 horoscopes. It becomes swiftly apparent upon reading these horoscopes that they’re not serious predictions of the future. Most of them highlight special weapons and gear that can be unlocked in Beyond Light, and how the abilities of those weapons complement the archetypal personalities of the horoscope to which they’ve been assigned. Gemini, for instance, has been predicted to wield the new Duality Exotic shotgun, a versatile weapon which can fire either traditional shotgun pellets or a high-accuracy slug round, depending on how it’s used. At the same time, though, it’s predicted that Geminis will “end relationships this season, mostly with Fallen who are out to kill you.” While there’s a hint of prophecy in there, these Tweets are obviously marketing stunts first and foremost.

Many video game companies have been turning to increasingly bizarre marketing stunts like this in recent months, especially as the holiday season draws ever closer. One major offender is PlayStation; in order to sell the new PS5, Sony has literally renamed a handful of tube stations in London, creating PS5 game-themed stops like Horizon Forbidden West End and Gran Turismo 7 Sisters.

Destiny 2‘s horoscope campaign is certainly odd, but it does fit the nature of the game quite well. Bungie’s shooter has always taken a more mystical angle on science fiction, and the strange, arcane nature of horoscopes is definitely appropriate to the game. It might not be a good way for people to predict the vagaries of life, but it’s a very quaint way to get people in the mood for Destiny 2: Beyond Light.

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