Final Fantasy Dev Square Enix To Let Staff Work From Home Permanently


As part of an effort to keep employees safe during the COVID pandemic, Square Enix will be implementing a permanent work-from-home program next month.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Square Enix will allow its employees to work from home permanently starting in December. The Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts developer is just one of the countless companies that have been adversely impacted by the coronavirus, which cast a heavy shadow throughout the entertainment and tech industries earlier this year – and could do so again as experts fear a second wave during the winter season.

While not every company has willingly grasped the gravity of this continuing outbreak, others have risen to the occasion to protect their workers and help make things easier for everyone in the wake of a global pandemic. Throughout the summer, major tech giants like Facebook, Twitter, and Amazon have allowed their employees to work from home during the many lockdowns that were implemented at this time, and developers like Square Enix have held massive game sales events to benefit charities like the first responders who put their lives on the line daily.                    

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In a statement on its website, Square Enix announced that it will establish a permanent work-from-home program for all of its employees as a core part of its workforce policy starting December 1 in an effort to keep workers safe from the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. Once this goes into effect, each employee will be designated as either “office-based” or “home-based” depending on whether their job requires that they be physically present at a Square Enix headquarters, but all employees will continue to work at a rate of at least three days a week.  Aside from keeping workers healthy, Square Enix says it hopes that this move will “create a flexible and diverse working environment, but also to further bolster productivity and help employees achieve the optimal work-life balance.


Most video game work is digital, so there shouldn’t be much difficultly for Square Enix employees to complete and transfer their work from home as many have done during these uncharted and scary times. If all goes well, Square Enix might make working from home a continued part of its workforce policy long after the COVID crisis is finally subsided enough for things to return to normal, but for now, it’s a welcome step in ensuring that the developer’s hardworking employees are safe to focus on creating the video games that fans play and love.                                    

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