Gilmore Girls: The Main Characters, Ranked By Wealth


Amy Sherman-Palladino’s beloved series Gilmore Girls introduced fans to the small town of Stars Hollow and the eccentric people who call it home. Lorelai and Rory’s story is nothing without their friends, lovers, and family members. And like every small, sleepy town, there are always unanswered questions.

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Those living in (and just outside of) Stars Hollow appear to be lowkey wealthy. If Lorelai can’t get money from her parents, she’s always able to borrow some from Luke or Christopher. But how much money do these hometown characters make… and where do they get their money from?

10 Rory Gilmore: Student & Young Journalist


Rory is by far the poorest among the main characters on Gilmore Girls. When she was a student in high school, she didn’t have a typical summer job. She helped her mother here and there at the inn but she sure wasn’t working 9-5. Even Paris was surprised how Rory spent her time. If she wasn’t working, why wasn’t she volunteering more?

In A Year in the Life, Rory is a freelance journalist but has issues finding income. She ends up getting rid of her apartment and crashes with others because she can’t afford her own place anymore. If it weren’t for Logan, her mother, and her grandparents, Rory would be homeless.

9 Jess Mariano

When Jess first comes to Stars Hallow, he has little drive and zero interest in school. He enjoys reading and talking about books with Rory but he doesn’t apply himself in his education. Jess ends up failing out of school and leaving early. Before he left Stars Hollow, Jess was working at Walmart and making good money but it didn’t last long. He eventually dropped it all and moved to the West Coast.

However, at the end of the series, viewers find out that Jess is working at a publishing house and is a new author. It’s not known how much he made but it’s reported that those in publishing houses can make anywhere from $28,000 to six figures. Jess was probably around the $30,000 mark. The reason why he’s ahead of Rory is because he has a stable income — and presumably an apartment.

8 Dean Forester

Gilmore Girls A Year in the Life Jared Padalecki as Dean and Alexis Bledel as Rory

Regardless if fans were #TeamDean, #TeamJess, or #TeamLogan, Dean was an incredibly hard worker who knew Rory best. When they broke up, Dean focused on working instead of going away to college. He helped out with construction at Doose’s Market and with the Stars Hollow Museum.

When viewers see him again in A Day in the Life, he mentions that he’s the father of three children and his wife is pregnant with their fourth. The family lives in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and appears to be happy but it’s not known what Dean does for work. However, if he was able to move away from the financial help of his parents to another state, get married, and support four children, Dean must be making good money.

7 Lorelai Gilmore: Manager & Business Owner

When Lorelai left the comfort of her parents home as a teenager, she didn’t have anything worth keeping. She began working at the Independence Inn and was able to live there with Rory as long as she worked for her keep. Lorelai eventually climbed the ladder and did well enough to buy a gorgeous home and create a beautiful life for her and Rory. However, whenever Lorelai needs big money, she has to go elsewhere.

Before Lorelai became a co-owner of the Dragonfly Inn, it’s assumed she made somewhere around $50,000 as the manager of the Independence Inn. That salary had to have increased by the end of the series.

6 Sookie St. James: Chef & Business Owner

gilmore girls sookie

Sookie St. James was a highly sought-after chef. Even Emily Gilmore adored her cooking! Typically, a chef’s salary depends on a number of factors, including which city or state they’re cooking in and what type of restaurant they work for.

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Being the head chef in a place close to Hartford, Connecticut, Sookie could be making anywhere between $45,000-80,000 a year. However, Sookie is more than a chef; she’s also the co-owner of the Dragonfly Inn, which will pay off the better the inn does over the years.

5 Kirk: He Does It All

Kirk Gilmore Girls Jobs

Kirk Gleason claims he’s had over 15,000 jobs in the course of 11 years, which is why he was financially stable by the end of the series. Fans have seen him as a wedding photographer, Uber driver, a flower delivery man, wedding coordinator, termite inspector, the list goes on and on…

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Because of all of his jobs and living rent-free with his mother for so many years, it’s been said that Kirk has a net worth of $250,000. Lorelai makes fun of Kirk a lot but maybe she could learn a thing or two about his drive…

4 Luke Danes: Business & Building Owner

Luke Danes is a simple man who doesn’t need much. He wears the same hat and plaid shirts every day and likes things old-fashioned. He doesn’t need expensive vacations, top-notch gadgets, or impressive cars. He’s private with both his life choices and his money. But Luke Danes appeared to be secretly wealthy.

He inherited his dad’s business and lived above it, so he never had to pay rent. Nor did he have any college loans to pay off. Luke owned the apartment building next to Luke’s Diner, which meant he was collecting rent from those living in the building and from Taylor Doose, who rented the retail space below. Luke also bought a house to hopefully live in one day with Lorelai! It’s estimated that Luke has around 500k in his savings.

3 Christopher Hayden: Inherited Millions

gilmore girls chris

When viewers first meet Christopher, they’re not sure what he does for work. Lorelai seemed appalled when he told her that he finally settled down in one place, rented an apartment, and had a job. But when he visited Stars Hollow for the first time he didn’t have enough money to buy Rory a book that she wanted. From there, it seemed like Christopher was getting his career on track.

By the end of the series, Christopher went on to inherit millions after a death in his family. He ends up paying for Rory’s college tuition, buys lunch for all of Rory’s friends at Yale, and takes Lorelai on an expensive trip to Paris. It’s assumed that he made around $50 million.

2 Richard & Emily Gilmore: Former VP & Future Business Owner

Richard and Emily Gilmore were loaded. They lived in a gated home with personal chefs, maids, and help galore. They went to Europe every two years, were able to pay for Chilton and Yale, and wrote Lorelai a check whenever she was in trouble. The Gilmores also received money after Richard’s mother died.

Before retiring and starting his own business, Richard was the Vice President at Gurmon & Driscoll Insurance Corp. Due to his jobs, experience, and family money on both sides, it’s assumed the Gilmores are worth upwards of $50 million.

1 The Huntzbergers: Powerhouses In Media

Mitchum-and-Logan-Huntzberger-in-Gilmore-Girls fancy restaurant

Rory loathed Logan when she first met him. He was a trust fund baby who was entitled and given everything in life. After getting to know him, she realized Logan Huntzberger came from a prominent media family.

It’s been said that creator Amy Sherman-Palladino based the Huntzbergers on the Sulzberger family, who owns The New York Times. If that’s the case, then the Huntzbergers are worth billions because of their businesses. Many assume that the Huntzbergers bring in $200 million a year.

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