Ivan Appears To Have Pic Of Jailed Brother & Niece On IG


Following Tayshia Adams and Ivan Hall’s important conversation on The Bachelorette, the fans have spotted his brother, Gabe, in an Instagram picture.

Following Tayshia Adams and Ivan Hall’s very important and raw conversation on The Bachelorette season 16, the fans have spotted Ivan’s brother, Gabe, in an old Instagram picture. The fans did not expect this to happen, but the latest Bachelorette episode really featured a lengthy and brutally honest conversation between two Black and mixed individuals talking about racial inequality, police brutality, and their particular experiences with race. It was a beautiful and necessary conversation to be had on such a large platform between two smart individuals who are looking for love and need to worry about these things during their quests to find a soulmate.

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After Clare Crawley’s rather dramatic journey as the lead of The Bachelorette, Tayshia Adams took over the season and started getting familiar with the guys who were already there. The producers then introduced brand-new contestants who had never even met Clare before. After having such an obvious and clear frontrunner as Dale Moss, the show slowed things down for Tayshia, and she understood the importance of getting to know each of the guys over time. There definitely seemed to be something between Tayshia and Ivan on the show, but that connection escalated even more on the latest episode, which featured a great conversation between the two.

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But during that conversation on The Bachelorette, Ivan Hall also shared his brother’s story to Tayshia Adams (and subsequently to the world). According to Ivan, his brother, Gabe, is in jail. This piece of context was important before Ivan started to discuss his perspective on police brutality, given that he has personally heard how his brother gets treated in jail. Ivan also mentioned that Gabe has a daughter, who is called Kehlani. In November of 2019, Ivan shared an Instagram post (seen below) where he can be seen with his niece. But if one is to click/scroll to see the next picture in this same post, there’s also a photo of Ivan’s brother, Gabe, with his daughter sitting on his lap.

This is, by all means, the first visual that The Bachelorette fans are getting of Ivan Hall’s brother Gabe. Considering that Ivan became an obvious frontrunner during last night’s episode, one must wonder if his brother’s story will be talked about again on the show. Nonetheless, it is clear that Ivan is very close to his beautiful niece Kehlani. He has several pictures with her all over his Instagram grid and Story highlights. There’s no denying that their uncle-niece relationship is incredibly heartwarming.

The jury is still out on whether Tayshia will pick Ivan in the end, but the fans are certainly behind this couple now. Still, there’s quite a while to go until the season 16 finale.

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The Bachelorette season 16 airs Tuesdays at 8 pm ET/PT on ABC.

Sources: Ivan Hall’s Instagram


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