Warhammer Is Getting Mobile Battles Spin-Off


Total War Battles: Warhammer, a mobile spin-off of Total War: Warhammer, has been officially announced and is being developed by NetEase Games.

Total War Battles: Warhammer, a new mobile game spin-off based on Creative Assembly’s Total War: Warhammer series and Games Workshop’s Warhammer Fantasy franchise, has been announced. Total War: Warhammer and its sequel Total War: Warhammer 2 were pretty successful games, with Creative Assembly still releasing DLCs for the latter three years after its release.

The most recent title in the franchise’s Total War Saga subseries, A Total War Saga: Troy, was claimed 7.5 million times on the Epic Game Store when it was given away for free for 24 hours, showing just how popular the series is. The last major entry in the franchise, 2018’s Total War: Three Kingdoms, which is set in the titular Three Kingdoms period of China between 220 and 280 A.D, was also incredibly successful, becoming the franchise’s fastest selling entry and subsequently winning several awards. Apart from the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Total War: Three Kingdoms is one of the few games that cover that specific era in history.

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As for Total War Battles: Warhammer, it was announced via a trailer on YouTube, which showed quite a good glimpse of how the game will not only look but also how the gameplay experience will be. According to the official website, the new title will be the first Warhammer mobile RTS game and will feature battles involving thousands of units. Akin to the Total War games on PC, Total War Battles: Warhammer will involve micro unit management as well as macro mediation between players and factions.

The game is being developed by Chinese video game development studio NetEase Games. The company is also known for working on Diablo Immortal, the infamous mobile game spin-off of  the popular RPG franchise from Blizzard Entertainment. No release date has been announced for Total War Battles: Warhammer but NetEase Games has said that the game will come to both Android and iOS platforms, with the minimum device specs to be released soon. The company also mentions that a closed beta test for the game is scheduled to launch soon.

With the success and popularity of Total War: Warhammer and its sequel, it looks like a good decision to choose it for the next entry in the Total War Battles spin-off series. It’ll be interesting to see what NetEase Games does differently with Total War Battles: Warhammer, as the previous entries, Total War Battles: Shogun and Total War Battles: Kingdom, were developed in-house by Creative Assembly.

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Total War Battles: Warhammer will be available for iOS and Android.

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