Why Jason Momoa Won’t See Dune When it Hits Theaters


Despite numerous delays, Jason Momoa, who plays Duncan Idaho in Denis Villeneuve’s Dune, explains why he won’t see it when it finally hits theaters.

Though set to play a key role in the upcoming sci-fi epic Dune, actor Jason Momoa has stated that he won’t be seeing the highly anticipated film when it hit cinemas next year. Directed by Denis Villeneuve, Dune has had its cinematic release date rescheduled twice due to production delays and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. It is set to be Momoa’s next live-action big-screen appearance since 2018’s Aquaman.

This latest adaption of the 1965 Frank Herbert novel was originally slated for release in cinemas on November 20th, 2020, before being changed in August of last year to December 18th, 2020, and again last month to October 1st, 2021. Momoa will be playing the role of Duncan Idaho, a character made famous by actor Richard Jordan in the 1984 adaption of the novel of the same name, directed by David Lynch. Earlier this year, Momoa generated excitement for the film by commenting on the scale of the production, noting it to be bigger than his past action roles. However, the Game Of Thrones alum has now explained why he won’t be seeing the film in theaters after its numerous delays and mounting anticipation.

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Via Men’s Health, Jason Momoa commented that he will hold off on seeing his latest on the big screen, so he can enjoy the experience with his entire family. Noting his son’s fright at witnessing his father in action scenes, he said, “My son just loses it… ‘Papa, are you okay?’ And I’m like, ‘Son, I’m sitting right next to you. We’re good. This was two years ago. Just watch the movie.’” Momoa lives at home with his wife Lisa Bonet, 11-year-old son Wolfie, and 13-year-old daughter Lola.


With all the uncertainty of the film industry this year, Momoa’s decision to give the experience of his next big-screen adventure some breathing room is a bold move. Principal photography wrapped on Dune in August of this year, and by the time October 1st, 2021 rolls around, work on the sci-fi epic will largely be behind the movie star. A shared cinematic experience, something sorely missing in 2020, seems to matter a lot to Momoa, in which he can simultaneously comfort his young son and enjoy the fruits of his labor the way it was meant to, on the big screen.

Despite the decision seeming odd during a grueling wait for the film, Momoa’s decision to indefinitely delay his enjoyment of Dune brings with it a touching sentiment. A collective time to witness the long-awaited film with his family seems like it could prove difficult for the busy actor, so making sure they’re together, and above all, safe, makes more sense than rushing to the theater on day one. However, it’s unlikely the same can be said for the film’s many eager fans.

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Source: Men’s Health

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