10 Disney Tattoos That Make Fans Part Of Her World


The Little Mermaid is one of Disney’s most beloved animated films, and these fans showed their appreciation with some great tattoos.

One of the fans’ favorite Disney movies is called The Little Mermaid, as they adore Ariel and Eric’s love story. Their dedication runs so deep that some have gone as far as to have different characters and scenes from the film tattooed on their bodies. The results are breathtaking as the artists utilized a wide array of colors and designs to make any fan part of her world.

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This list has compiled some of the best tattoos depicting the film that any fan will appreciate. Keep reading to see some of the best The Little Mermaid tattoos to date that will inspire others to have Ariel inked on them as well!

10 Classic Ariel

A tattoo of Ariel from The Little Mermaid by Thebakery on Instagram


This design showcases the star of the entire film, Ariel, in all of her glory and it was created by Jordan Baker.

The shading of her hair is what stands out, as well as the movement of her tail. It is inspiring to fans and other artists alike as they use this tattoo as a basis for their own creations.

9 Poor Unfortunate Souls

Ariel and Ursula tattoo created by Jackie Heurtas on Insta

This tattoo is a bit dark as it shows Ursula sucking Ariel’s voice from her body while Ursula and her two moray eels look on with glee, like in some of these cosplays.

It isn’t the sunshine and roses that fans often remember when they think of the film and her beautiful love story with Prince Eric, but Jackie Huertas creation is wonderful all the same. However, it does capture their attention as they reminisce on this major part of the film, as well as the sickly green hue used to create this effect.

8 Filled With Life

Ariel eventually received her voice back, and this tattoo remembers that golden moment, even if it did happen on land.

Her voice came back to her in a golden stream of light, and an artist by the name of Yu Xuan decided to recreate this moment when Ariel was a mermaid. It almost looks like watercolors swirling around her body and the addition of flounder was a nice touch.

7 Evil Ursula

A tattoo of Ursula from The Little Mermaid by Audie Fulfer Jr.

Ursula was the villain in this film, and Audie Fulfer Jr. decided to depict her likeness in the form of a tattoo. Their use of various hues of blues and purples are not only gorgeous. but also highlight the white of her hair and teeth.

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She looks stunning in this tattoo design as she cradles Ariel’s voice between her hands. The use of depth in the tattoo brings it to life as well and makes it appear as if Ursula is extended off of their arm.

6 Cute As A Button

Claudia Denti is the artist of this tattoo where Ariel and Flounder are more childlike in creation. She is as cute as a button and even resembles a doll in a way based on the rounded and simplified features.

The blurring of the edge of her hair adds a bit of texture to the design and fans everywhere can almost hear her saying something inspiring just by looking at this tattoo.

5 A Watercolor Dream

Ariel takes on a whole new look in this tattoo as she is made in a way that makes her look as if she was painted with watercolors. The pearls and shells in her hair with a nice touch and overall she looks more realistic than animated.

It resembles a cosplay of this character as fans praise Russell Van Schaick for his work on this incredible tattoo.

4 A Whole New World

A Little Mermaid tattoo on the leg of Twitter user @Killxj0y

There were so many parts to Ariel’s world as she ventured on both land and beneath the sea. This tattoo pays respect to that as it paints a picture of them both in a way that gives onlookers a view of the intricacies of both of these places.

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The detail in it is astounding, and the moon draws the eye as it seems to glow from within this person’s skin. It is as timeless as some parts of her story as fans reminisce on the beauty of this film’s legacy, and they are jealous that a Twitter user by the name of Killxj0y has this on their leg.

3 An Array Of Color

This person wanted to pay homage to their love of The Little Mermaid, but they wanted to give it a bit of flair. Serpents Ink did this by adding bright blues, purples, greens, and reds behind her image to make this tattoo more exciting.

The result was something that has every fan hoping they receive some type of Little Mermaid gift this Christmas season.

2 Golden Light

This tattoo made by Kina Turner is incredible as it is a shadow portrait of Ariel as she is highlighted by a circle of golden light. The flecks of red within the gold gives it some texture, while the red and green lines outlining her body speak to her traditional color scheme.

It hints at some of her best traits as her hair and curiosity about the world are on full display.

1 A Monochromatic Color Scheme

Sometimes color isn’t needed to make a tattoo look incredible, and this tattoo shows exactly why. This tattoo created by Paul Waston-Sith shows a degree of perfection that few artists have as every line is clean and precise.

It might be devoid of color, but it doesn’t lack character as Ariel, Flounder, and Sebastian’s personalities are on full display in the way they are depicted.

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