10 Freakiest Characters In The Series, Ranked


Courage the Cowardly Dog was full of scary and disturbing characters but which were the freakiest of them all?

Everyone who grew up watching Courage the Cowardly Dog must find it pretty creepy to some extent. Whether they were kids when they watched it, and had nightmares of all the horrors Courage faced, or adults, the show was was darker than most kid shows of the day.

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The characters, good and bad, were utterly terrifying for one reason or another. Whether they tormented Courage and the Bagges, or actually send the family to a haunted inn, these characters were enough to scar all those who watched this unforgettable series.

10 Goose God

The Goose God Courage The Cowardly Dog


The Goose God wasn’t necessarily a bad guy like many of his freaky brethren, but he did have a pretty creepy mentality that definitely made him stick with audience members. The Goose God (a play on Greek God) was utterly obsessed with finding a lover.

Once he had his eyes set on Muriel, he was determined to claim her as his wife, though she profused rejected the offer as she was already married to Eustace. Afraid that the Goose God would steal Muriel away, taking her away to the heavens where she would rule as his queen, Courage came to the rescue and manipulated Goose God to fall in love with Eustace’s truck, “Truckie.”

9 Le Quack

Le Quack from Courage the Cowardly Dog

Le Quack is the secondary villain and a huge menace to Courage. He is constantly trying to outsmart the dog in order to try and score a big fortune.

This French con artist may be one of the most memorable characters from Courage the Cowardly Dogbut he isn’t nearly as freaky as some of the other villains throughout the series. However, this master manipulator will do whatever is necessary to reach his goals.

8 Fusilli

Fusilli Courage the Cowardly Dog

Fusilli is a great magician who manipulates the Bagges to be apart of his play with the promise of fame and stardom. However, Muriel and Eustace end up getting turned into creepy-looking marionette dolls that Fusilli has complete control over.

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Courage ends up tricking Fusilli in order to save his family and Fusilli has a bit of a mental break down that drives him to become a marionette as well. This entire scene is super scary looking as the masks of comedy and tragedy look down at the antagonist as his body changes to nothing but wood.

7 Mattress Demon

While the Mattress Demon itself isn’t necessarily scary, this episode is like an exorcist horror movie. The Mattress Demon possesses Muriel, giving her a new and frightening appearance and demonic voice that Courage must exorcise himself.

This episode really is like a mock-version of The Exorcist as Muriel says horrible things as Courage says an incantation to rid the demon from his owner. In a turn of events, the demon ends up leaving Muriel’s body, only to possess Eustace instead.

6 Big Toe

Big Toe from Courage the Cowardly Dog

Big Toe isn’t necessarily scary but it extremely memorable. This freaky character is the main focus of one of the show’s grossest episodes. Big Toe originated as a foot fungus that Eustace had growing but refused to seek professional help with.

Instead, he let the fungus grow and grow till it totally consumed him and became a stereotypical gangster that made Courage and Muriel listen to his every command, driving Courage to lick it clean in one of the grossest sequences ever.

5 King Ramses

King Ramses Courage the Cowardly Dog

King Ramses is one of the freakiest characters due to the animation difference the show decided to go with. Ramses is the ghost of a pharaoh from Ancient Egypt who haunts the farm after his ancient slab is stolen and Eustace claims it, realizes it’s worth a fortune.

The CGI pharaoh sets three plagues onto the farm in order to get back what is rightfully his, but Eustace keeps refusing. Imagine watching this episode at night in 2000, and suddenly this CGI ghost appears in a show that has always been 2D. Talk about frightening.

4 Spirit Of The Harvest Moon

Spirit of the Harvest Moon from Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Spirit of the Harvest Moon is just as freaky as King Ramses and for the same reason. This floating human head looks like it is straight out of a 1920s black and white silent horror film like the original Phantom of the Opera or Nosferatu.

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The Spirit wasn’t actually evil either, but his stark appearance against the 2D characters and setting were horribly frightening to fans of the series who watched this as it aired. The Spirit of the Harvest Moon was actually quite merciful.

3 Black Puddle Queen

Black puddle Queen from Courage the Cowardly Dog

The Black Puddle episode is one of the most memorable episodes there is of Courage the Cowardly Dog. The Queen of this black puddle that appears after a particularly nasty storm rules the castle underwater and is a seductive sea demon that tries to seduce Eustace into joining her within the puddle.

The beautiful sea demon ends up becoming pretty horrifying looking as she acts like the mythological Siren, trying to eat Eustace once he falls under her spell.

2 Katz

Katz from Courage the Cowardly Dog

Katz is the main antagonist of Courage the Cowardly Dog and is actually super freaky. Katz is extremely violent and immoral and actually does super horrifying things to Courage and the Bagges each time he appears.

In the first episode, he is in, Katz tries to feed Courage to his pet spiders. Not to mention he has an incredibly smooth theme song that plays whenever he appears that perfectly emulates his personality.

1 Freaky Fred

Freaky Fred from Courage the Cowardly Dog

There really is no freakier character in this haunting television series quite like Freaky Fred. This character isn’t actually evil by any means, but it is extremely evident that he is definitely deranged.

He is obsessed with cutting hair and speaks only in whimsical yet spooky rhymes. Fred has a need to make things “naughty” as he feels it manages to fit his personality. Fred was only in one episode and didn’t do anything that terrible (other than shaving almost all of Courage’s fur off), yet he manages to be the most remembered villain from the series.

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