10 Underrated Nickelodeon Sitcoms That You Nearly Forgot About


Nickelodeon has played a major role in the childhoods of so many people for the past several decades. The network is known for its iconic programming with cartoons like Spongebob Squarepants and Avatar: The Last Airbender, as well as shows like All That. They’ve also had some memorable sitcoms throughout time.

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Nobody can forget series like Clarissa Explains It AllKenan & Kel, or iCarly. That being said, with such a long history, not every sitcom is timeless or remembered by everyone, even if they were really good. For whatever reason, they either didn’t last long or were overshadowed by other shows.

10 Noah Knows Best

The cast of Noah Knows Best


Not a single show on this list had a shorter run than Noah Knows Best. It only lasted from October until December 2000, spanning 13 episodes. Five of those installments never even made it to air, so it’s completely understandable that nobody recalls it.

The concept behind Noah Knows Best was actually very similar to the popular Clarissa Explains It All series from years prior. It starred Phillip Van Dyke, who was famous for the Halloweentown series of movies. Though it did poorly in terms of viewership, it holds a strong 7.7 rating on IMDb, despite not having many reviews.

9 Just Jordan

The cast of Just Jordan

It’s rare that a show lasts fewer than 100 episodes and ends up in syndication but that’s exactly what happened with Just Jordan. The series only aired 29 episodes over two seasons, running from 2007 until 2008. It was led by comedian and former All That talent Lil’ JJ.

Just Jordan was part of the TEENick lineup and followed Jordan, who moved from Little Rock to Los Angeles. BET eventually aired reruns of it until 2009. Surprisingly, MTV2 also picked it up to air reruns again as recently as 2016.

8 Hey Dude

This is the oldest show on the list, having premiered way back in 1989. Although it only ran through 1991, there were five seasons and 65 total episodes. What helped make this show quite different from the rest in the era is that it was aimed at teenagers.

The series was a rare western comedy, focusing on the lives of a ranch owner, his family, and his employees at the “Bar None Dude Ranch.” Due to how different it was, Nick audiences don’t seem to remember it much. It did help introduce the world to Christine Taylor, who went on to play Marcia Brady in The Brady Bunch movies.

7 Welcome Freshmen

Nick's Welcome Freshmen

Similar to Hey Dude, Welcome Freshmen is another sitcom that ran a long time ago. The first episode aired in early 1991 and the final installment came in 1994, after three seasons. The show followed a group of high school students and their bumbling vice principal.

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This almost wasn’t considered for the list because the first two seasons were actually done in the form of a sketch comedy show. However, during the third and final season, the format changed and it became a standard sitcom for the rest of its run.

6 Romeo!

The cast of Romeo!

It’s easy to forget that Romeo Miller was a big deal in the early 2000s. Known as Lil’ Romeo, he was often in competition with Lil’ Bow Wow for the top young hip-hop artist of the era. He also ended up as the star of his own sitcom where he played a fictionalized version of himself.

As “Ro,” he led Romeo!, a show that centered around him as a member of a rap group known as the Pieces of the Puzzle, along with his siblings. His real-life dad, Master P, also played that role in the series. It ran for three seasons and ended up airing on BET as well.

5 Cousin Skeeter

Cousin Skeeter and Robert Ri'chard

Cousin Skeeter would probably be the most popular and remembered show on this list. It was done quite differently from everything else on the network at the time, as the titular character was actually a puppet, though the characters reacted to him as if he was normal.

Comedian Bill Bellamy voiced Skeeter, while two rising stars in Robert Ri’chard and Meagan Good were also in the cast. The show often focused on surprisingly serious topics regarding African-Americans but displayed them in a comic manner. The only reason it doesn’t rank higher is that it’s not quite as forgotten as some others listed.

4 100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd

100 Deeds For Eddie McDowd

There were often times when Nickelodeon would try something out of the box for their shows. Instead of straight-up comedies or multi-camera setups, they opted for something unique. That was the case with 100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd, which first premiered in 1999.

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The idea for the show was that McDowd was a schoolyard bully who gets punished for it and turned into a dog. In order to return to human form, he must complete 100 good deeds, with each episode following his attempts to do so. The dog was voiced by Seth Green for the first season.

3 The Brothers Garcia

The Garcia brothers and their sister

One thing that Nickelodeon deserves more credit for is the way that it offered up opportunities for minorities. Series with Black dominated casts had happened before with things like Kenan & Kel but 2000 saw them put out a sitcom with a cast comprised of only Latinos.

That was The Brothers Garcia, which ran for four seasons and also got a television film made for it. The plot centered on a Spanish family living in Texas. The older versions of the siblings, including one played by John Leguizamo, tell the story through flashbacks.

2 Taina

Right around the time that American Idol became a huge craze, Nickelodeon was airing a sitcom about an aspiring singer who was hoping to make it big. That seemed like the perfect time to release that kind of show but it was sadly canceled after two seasons due to high production costs.

Taina was another show with a Latino cast. Led by Christina Vidal as the titular Taina, the series saw her attending a performing arts school and constantly daydreaming about superstardom, complete with the occasional musical performance. It’s notable for being the final comedy filmed at Nickelodeon Studios.

1 My Brother And Me

My Brother and Me surprisingly only had a single season and 13 episodes, so it’s easy to forget. However, those who remember it have fond thoughts, as evidenced by its strong 8.0 rating on IMDb. There was a coolness factor about this that was perfect for the time.

Debuting in 1994 and being set in Charlotte, North Carolina, it focused on the bond between two brothers and the antics they get into. There was a fair amount of basketball in the series, which made the guest appearances by NBA players Kendall Gill and Dennis Scott so much fun.

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