Daredevil’s Ultimate Form is a Literal Marvel God


Daredevil’s focus and training allowed him to gain the powers of a god during the War of Realms, extending his senses out across the universe.

Daredevil is widely known to fans as a street-level hero who will do whatever it takes to defend Hell’s Kitchen from any threat, but Matt Murdock’s true potential has a cosmic reach. During one of Marvel Comics’ latest crossover events, War of the Realms, Daredevil received an Asgardian weapon which upgraded his powerset exponentially. Though Murdock’s newfound powers are relatively short-lived in the world of comic book continuity, fans were given the chance to see Daredevil in his ultimate form, which is that of a literal god.

In War of the Realms, Murdock was given Hofund, Heimdall the All-Seeing’s sword, which granted the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen the Asgardian’s cosmic powers. With Heimdall injured, Daredevil was granted the all-seeing gift to expand his senses and help coordinate the war against Malekith the Accursed and his armies. The War of the Realms crossover event had nearly every Marvel hero fighting against the Dark Elf’s armies, and the all-seeing upgrade given to Daredevil made the street level vigilante a major player in this battle of the gods. The choice wasn’t random either – Daredevil was asked to take Heimdall’s role because his experience with enhanced sensory perception made him one of the only people who could come to grips with the new powers in time to actually use them to save the world.

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Daredevil has always been able to extend his senses beyond normal human reach – in fact his struggle has been to rein them in – but the Asgardian upgrade empowers him like never before, to the extent that he can identify a butterfly taking flight on an alien planet. This is significant as it indicates that Daredevil isn’t just receiving more sensory information, but being empowered to decipher and categorize it like never before – a true extension of both his powers and his hard-won training.

Daredevil god without fear


Daredevil ultimately sacrificed his powers, allowing the giant Laufey to swallow his sword so that Loki could cut himself free from the villain’s stomach. After War of the Realms, Daredevil goes back to Hell’s Kitchen and continues his crusade against crime in his neighborhood, but giving up the powers of a god, especially all-seeing powers for someone who lost their sight at a young age, was difficult for the hero. As a sign of respect and appreciation, Heimdall gives Daredevil a pair of billy clubs carved from the World Tree, Yggdrasil. The gift acted as a reminder to Murdock of the good work he did with the great power he was given, as well as the good work he must continue to do with the familiar powerset that made him Daredevil. While only lasting a few issues, fans of the Man Without Fear were given a chance to see Daredevil in his ultimate form; a man given his greatest wish in the most dire circumstances, but who could nevertheless demonstrate the will and focus needed to embrace the power of a cosmic Asgardian god.

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