Fall Guys Reveals Season 3 Winter Knockout After Fans Piece It Together


Fall Guys has announced its season 3 content through a fan-solved jigsaw puzzle on Twitter, revealing a winter wonderland of penguin costumes.

Fall Guys has revealed the theme for its third season of content, following an interactive puzzle that the fan community banded together to solve online. The cartoonish online battle royale has been gearing up for the new season for a while now. Earlier this week, the game’s social media team posted the smallest possible fragment of a screenshot from a season 3 level that was being playtested, getting fans excited and intrigued to see more.

The beloved competitive platformer has already had a solid season two. The new levels revolved around a medieval theme, and gave players the opportunity to dress up their jelly beans as wizards, dragons, and knights. Launch day wouldn’t see the end of the major changes season 2 brought to Fall Guys, either; future updates brought in new obstacles like Thicc Bonkus and Little Yeety, as well as a whole new stage centered around navigating a series of spinning fans. This update also introduced remixes that were applied to every level in the game, in order to shake them up and provide new surprises for veteran players.

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As fun as these upgrades have been, the team is looking to the future. Yesterday, the social media team on Twitter announced an opt-in challenge for players to piece together season 3. Players who responded received fragments of a banner image for season 3, which they then had to cooperate to piece together like a jigsaw puzzle. The result, as confirmed by the Fall Guys Twitter account, is a first look at Fall Guys Season 3: Winter Knockout. The banner proudly displays the image of a jelly bean dressed as a penguin, soaring through a spinning wheel dotted with holes. There are plenty of interesting hints scattered throughout the image; for instance, fans can spot a tiny mechanical penguin waddling through the stage. The role this penguin will perform in the competition is entirely unknown, but its avian nature might play into the ever-mysterious eggs players have been tasked with collecting since season one.

Fall Guys had a hugely successful launch when it released earlier this year. The game was such a success that it overloaded and crashed its own internal servers. In following months, Fall Guys‘ popularity waned drastically in the face of Among Us, a new online multiplayer sensation starring little bean shaped characters in funny costumes. The game’s not quite out of the running yet, though; during GlitchCon Fall Guys once again became the most watched game on Twitch, proving that there’s still a lot of love out there for these bouncy beans.

Fall Guys‘ star may have faded somewhat, but it’s still a delightful game overall. It provides accessible and whimsical competitive gameplay that just about anyone can enjoy with very little practice and dedication. Hopefully the new winter wonderland of season 3 will persuade more fans to return to Fall Guys and bring it even closer to its former glory.

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