Futurama Star Says The Cast Is Open To A Reboot


Futurama star Maurice LaMarche, voice of Kif, Morbo, and many more, is confident that his cast members would be interested in a reboot of the show.

Maurice LaMarche says that Futurama’s cast would be interested in a reboot of the show if Fox gave the right offer. From Matt Groening, the creator of The Simpsons, the adult cartoon begins with Phillip J. Fry (Billy West), a pizza delivery boy working on December 31st, 1999. He then misses the entirety of the next millennia after he accidentally cryogenically freezes himself during a delivery. He wakes up on New Year’s eve, but in the year 2999. Stranded in New New York in the year 3000, he befriends a one-eyed alien named Turanga Leela (Katey Sagal), a robot named Bender (John DiMaggio), and a senile genius professor named Hubert J. Farnsworth, who happens to be one of Fry’s nephews.

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Despite the show’s distant setting, Futurama had several storylines hit close to home, provided the right balance between surprisingly emotional and hilariously silly writing. The futuristic hijinks, crazy characters, and fast-paced humor allowed the show to develop a cult following quickly. With the internet and streaming, the show became the basis of several means and brought about a new generation of fans. However, Futurama fans rode an emotional rollercoaster as the show got canceled and then picked-up multiple times over the years.

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Now it seems the rollercoaster could reach another high as LaMarche revealed that the cast would be interested in a reboot. As a Futurama core cast member, LaMarche voiced several recurring characters such as Morbo, Kif Kroker, Hedonismbot, and more. Per SyFy, LaMarche says that his colleagues from the show are all-in for a reboot. He marks his co-star West turning 80 as the deadline before which they should reunite the show, which will not be for another 12 years as the actor is only 68. You can read LaMarche’s statement below:

Sure, we all talk about it. If Fox was to come up with the right offer, but I know Matt would love to do it again. David Cohen, I think, might be into it. I think semi-retirement is finally wearing on him [laughs]. He had to get back to writing on The Simpsons just to keep busy. I have to leave it up to the Powers That Be, but I know everybody’s into it, including the cast. It would be great to do it before Billy West turns 80. So hopefully someday there’ll be a Futurama reboot, but we’re well-practiced at the reboot thing. We got rebooted twice, so there might be less of a huzzah about it, but it’d be nice to do that again.”


LaMarche also expresses his deep gratitude for Groening and Futurama but admits that his all-time favorite character he has ever voiced is Brain from Animaniacs. “I’m so grateful to Matt [Groening],” LaMarche says. “And Futurama brought me two voice-over Emmys, but Brain is my child. That’s the only way I can put it. I love Lrrr, and I love Kiff, and Morbo and all the characters I play on Futurama, and all the ones I play on Disenchantment. But Brain’s my kid.

Regardless, LaMarche still clearly has a love for Futurama, and luckily so do his castmates. In the interview, LaMarche references Fox, where it originally aired as a possible home for a revival. However, many streaming platforms feature Groening shows, including Netflix’s Disenchantment and The Simpsons on Disney+. If a Futurama reboot were to come in the future, it could find a home on a streaming service, perhaps avoiding the network altogether. Either way, a very excited and happy fanbase is just waiting to hear Professor Farnsworth once again say, “Good news, everyone!”

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