Godzilla Ugly Christmas Sweater Will Keep You Warm With His Atomic Breath


Popular entertainment retail store FYE releases a Godzilla Christmas sweater for fans of the King of the Monsters as the holiday season rolls in.

Godzilla has stomped onto a Christmas sweater just in time for the holiday season. Everyone’s favorite radioactive dinosaur has celebrated his 66th anniversary this month. Unsurprisingly, TOHO has honored the occasion with some creative stuff. In fact, an official Godzilla costume was added to Fall Guys earlier in the month for a limited time.

Out of all the movie franchises in the world, Godzilla is by far the most unique given how the character and films have changed over the course of 66 years. Many people know the King of the Monsters as the ultimate allegory of nuclear disaster. Others grew up with Godzilla as a monster superhero, protecting Japan from alien threats like King Ghidorah and Gigan. No matter which version, there’s a Godzilla for everyone, which is a big part of why the series continues to endure with new content. Next year will see the release of a monster showdown in Godzilla vs. Kong, which is scheduled to hit theaters in May, although a streaming release is reportedly being considered.

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Popular entertainment retail chain FYE (via Kaiju News Outlet) has released a traditionally ugly Godzilla Christmas sweater. Sadly, all sizes are currently sold out. The sweater is an appropriately festive red and green and the Godzilla featured is the 1968 design from Destroy All Monsters. Check it out below.

Hopefully FYE will restock soon. If interested, don’t forget to add the sweater to FYE’s Wishlist. A nice touch additional touch are the helicopters and tanks, which are staples of Godzilla films. It’s also not surprising the 1968 design was chosen, as this Godzilla appearance is one of the most recognizable, appearing in Destroy All Monsters and the following three films. Although the sweater is sold out, fans can currently purchase the Great Wave Off Kanagawa T-shirt, which features nice artwork of the 1962 Godzilla.

There is no shortage of Godzilla merchandise on the way. Mondo is continuing its line of Godzilla content with collectibles, including a statue based on the Hanna-Barbera Godzilla. One particularly interesting figure is the Godzilla and Kong hybrid from REBOR. Simply put, it’s a good time to be a Godzilla fan. The character is not only starring in a big movie next year, but also in an anime series on Netflix. Godzilla will continue to entertain for generations to come, whether it be on the big screen, or on a Christmas sweater.

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Source: FYE (via Kaiju News Outlet)

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  • Godzilla vs. Kong (2021)Release date: May 21, 2020

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