Lex Luthor Rules His Own Planet In DC’s Future State


It’s not just a Superman that has to worry about Lex Luthor’s nefarious ways anymore, In a new Future State title, it’s an entire planet!

DC’s Future State is offering readers some truly creative and strange ideas of the future of the DC multiverse, and none more intriguing than long-time Superman nemesis Lex Luthor owning his own planet.

Following the end of DC’s latest event, Death Metal, and branching off of one of the series’ epilogues, Future State follows the story of DC’s major heroes as the roles transition from master to protégé. Readers will see figures like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman step aside and pass on their legacy to other, younger heroes. Taking place over different times and utilizing current backstories and canon, Future State will see the most popular superheroes “wage epic battles for justice”.

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In Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex, readers return to Lexor, a planet that in earlier comics saw Luthor treated like a hero to its people. In the upcoming comic, Lex rules the planet as a leader and, as such, is approached by the United Planets to join their organization. Of course, whether Lex decides to join or not depends entirely on if he believes that doing so will be personally beneficial to him. After all, when is anything with Lex Luthor easy?

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The history of Lexor is muddied, of course, by the fact that while Lex did create a prosperous planet with a stable infrastructure for these people, his motivations were a little less than altruistic. While his creations and actions have benefited the people, what Lex Luthor truly desires is the praise and attention that he does not receive on Earth. To the people of Lexor, it is he who is the superman, not the son of Krypton. On top of his less than honest dealings, Lex also has to contend with the knowledge that once the people of Lexor have contact with other planets, they will realize that Lex is not the hero they all thought him to be.

Centering a story around Lex Luthor and his planet full of sycophantic citizens is an interesting choice. Not only does it put the delegates involved in the United Planets in a unique position, but it also puts the pressure on Lex to choose not just how he wants to be perceived but who he wants to be. If the information we have regarding the comic is to be believed, it may even ask audiences to sympathize and root for a normally villainous Lex Luthor to make the right choice and succeed in a way that benefits both himself and his planet.

Audiences have only a short time to wait to see exactly what will become of Lex Luthor, Lexor, and the United Planets when the Future State event kicks off in 2021.

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Future State: Superman vs. Imperious Lex by Mark Russell will hit shelves in February 2021.

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