New Girl: 10 Best Couples, Ranked


New Girl is everyone’s favorite quirky sitcom, and there’s nothing to hate about any single one of the characters. From Jess to Winston, there is so much humor to relate to and laugh at – and that even rings true within this group’s relationships. Everyone has their favorite sitcom couple, and this show definitely provides some of them.

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Throughout the series, there are many dates to be had, but some relationships definitely crashed and burn while others flourished to immense degrees. It’s time to settle it once and for all, and celebrate the best romances from this show – and rank them.

10 Schmidt & Elizabeth

New Girl Schmidt & Elizabeth


Schmidt definitely has his fair share of dates throughout the course of the show, but only a few are worthy enough of mentioning or celebrating. Elizabeth definitely brought out a different side of Schmidt – and it was kind of refreshing.

While these two were sweet in that they really didn’t care about what anyone else thought, there was just something missing for fans. In fact, it was probably just Cece.

9 Nick & Reagan

New Girl Reagan & Nick

Nick is full of hilarity and quirks, and he’s certainly not the best at relationships. He definitely has some strange and cringy love affairs, from the exotic dancer to the lawyer to his ex, Caroline.

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However, Reagan deserves a spot on  this list, because she brought out a spontaneity and confidence in Nick that no one knew was there. They certainly had their issues, but Reagan will always have a place in his heart (and the hearts of fans).

8 Jess & Sam

New Girl Jess & Sam

There aren’t really many of Jess’ relationships that crashed and burned. In fact, most of them were pretty adorable, and it was hard not to fall head over heels for Sam.

He was smart, cool, and totally handsome, and they had a pretty mature and dynamic relationship. Of course, it wasn’t meant to be, and Jess’ soulmate was definitely not Sam Sweeney.

7 Schmidt & Fawn

New Girl Schmidt & Fawn

Before there was Cece, there was Fawn, and she was a character that everyone loved to hate and hated to love. She was fiery, independent, ambitious, intelligent, and hilarious, and her and Schmidt were kind of a power couple.

Obviously, they cared a bit too much about looks and what people thought, which is why this relationship couldn’t possibly be the best. Still, it was something for the books.

6 Jess & Ryan

New Girl Jess & Ryan

If Ryan hadn’t moved back to England, these two probably would have lived a happily ever after. Ryan was sweet, funny, smart, and had the same interests as Jess! He did her plays, and he was also a teacher.

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They were beyond adorable, and Jess seemed happier than ever with such a kind guy. Unfortunately, it must’ve not been meant to last.

5 Jess & Paul

New Girl Paul & Jess

As much as Paul might be easy to both laugh with and laugh at, it’s super hard not to love him. Him and Jess were something out of a fairytale. They sang songs, played weird instruments, directed plays, and taught together.

These two were too weird peas in a pod, and their romance was so perfect it was almost too gross to watch. Again, there was just something missing, but it was still adorable while it lasted.

4 Coach & May

New Girl Coach & May

May is the reason that Coach leaves all of his friends and uproots his life, so clearly, she’s something special. May brought out a more serious and sophisticated side of Coach, while he taught her to break down her walls.

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They are picture perfect, and they definitely proved that love is real. Fans definitely like to think they are still living a happy and full life together.

3 Nick & Jess

New Girl Nick & Jess

It’s no secret that Nick and Jess are one of the most iconic sitcom couples out there, and there is nothing quite like these two and their passion and friendship. When best friends find love, it’s something like this.

They are always there for each other, and they can’t seem to survive without one another. Their endless support for one another is something remarkable, and they bring out the best in each other.

2 Cece & Schmidt

New Girl Cece & Schmidt

Schmidt and Cece might seem like an unlikely couple from the outside, but they are actually so compatible it’s honestly too much for fans to even handle. They support each other, laugh together, and see eye-to-eye where it really matters.

They are somehow totally fun and totally mature all at once, and this couple is certainly one that fans were rooting for since day one. This show wouldn’t be the same without Cece and Schmidt.

1 Winston & Aly

New Girl Winston & Aly

There’s certainly more hype around Nick and Jess and Cece and Schmidt, but that’s because there was really no drama between Winston and Aly. They just clicked, and their romance just worked.

They have the same career goals, are both totally quirky and weird, and yet still balance each other out where it matters. They are endlessly supportive, and are definitely the definition of couple goals.

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