PS5 Outsold Xbox Series X/S By Almost Double On Launch Day


The PlayStation 5, despite launching after Xbox Series X/S, has managed to nearly double Xbox’s launch day sales with over 2.1 million units sold.

Now that the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S have both made their grand entrances, it has been determined by rough (but telling) sales data that the PS5 seems to have outsold the new Xbox consoles by almost double. The console war between PlayStation and Xbox isn’t a new one and some toxic fanboys feel so strongly about their preferred system that they’re willing to buy the competition and smash new hardware for clout, but there’s little denying that players’ spending on new PS5s gave Xbox a figurative beating on launch week.

The Xbox Series X/S released first on November 10 and instantly managed to sell over one million units worldwide. There were many people reporting problems with their Xbox Series X, like loud noises or quick resume feature malfunctions, but it still enjoyed the biggest console launch in Xbox history. Now, people may be curious about how the PlayStation 5 sold in comparison. Many speculated if releasing a few days after the Xbox Series X might’ve affected Sony’s sales, as it seemed possible that impatient fans might buy Microsoft’s new console instead, especially with how difficult bot-wielding scalpers made it to secure a PS5 purchase.

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However, this was not the case, as VGChartz has revealed a good picture of PS5 launch day sales. The new console managed to sell somewhere between 2.1 to 2.5 million units.. This means the PS5 launch managed to almost double the Xbox’s sales, which comparatively pushed an estimated 1.4 million units on its first day. Although PS5 buyers have reported just as many – if not more – hardware and software issues as Xbox owners have in the past couple weeks, their purchasing habits have established an early lead for Sony’s white-and-black monolith.

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One of the biggest potential reasons is the selection of new games available to the PS5, despite having one of the weakest generational exclusive launches in Sony console history. On launch, Sony also released a few big titles along with the new console, like Spider-Man: Miles Morales and Demon’s SoulsSpider-Man: Miles Morales is also PlayStation exclusive, which may be a particular selling point, beyond the console line’s strong branding and marketing supremacy. It is obvious there is a high demand for the PlayStation as well, to the point that fans are reporting receiving the wrong products when purchasing PlayStation consoles through Amazon.

Ultimately, the PS5’s launch week blowout over its Xbox Series X/S rivals may come down to what players feel they’re investing in long-term, coupled with the above factors. Microsoft, despite acquiring top industry talent in recent years to build out its exclusives library, has increasingly moved toward a cross-generational future for a strong Xbox ecosystem, while players likely feel more assured that owning a PS5 is a more surefire way to get hold of the hottest current-gen-exclusive titles when they finally drop.

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Source: VGChartz

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