Ray Fisher Claims Justice League Investigation Caused Whedon’s HBO Exit


Ray Fisher makes the claim Joss Whedon’s exit from The Nevers is actually because of the investigation into his “terrible behavior” on Justice League.

Ray Fisher makes the claim Joss Whedon’s exit from The Nevers is actually because of the investigation into his “terrible behavior” on Justice League. Fisher played Cyborg in the DC Extended Universe film, his only major movie role to date, and was initially effusive about Whedon taking over directing duties following original director Zack Snyder’s departure from the movie. Whedon’s changes and re-shoots ended up changing the tone of the film, though, and fans and critics alike gave the movie a hard pass.

Fisher later retracted his statements about Whedon, revealing earlier this year that the director had in fact been abusive on set, in particular towards him. The ongoing saga has played out quite publicly from Fisher’s side, with the actor using Twitter to get his side of the story across. His accusations have led to an investigation by Warner Bros. into Whedon’s on-set behavior and, despite the initial investigation not making any headway, there are signs there will be a resolution soon. With Whedon exiting his HBO Max The Nevers, supposedly due to exhaustion according to his own words, the saga has once again reared its head, with Fisher claiming Whedon’s explanation is a “cover.”

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Taking to Twitter just after Whedon’s exit for The Nevers was announced, Fisher says he won’t allow the director to use the “old Hollywood tactic” of stepping down for his own reasons to cover for what’s really going on. Fisher claims instead that Whedon’s departure from The Nevers is directly connected to the investigation into his “terrible behavior” on the Justice League set. He says the investigation is now three weeks old, and has no doubt Whedon has been let go by HBO Max (owned by Warner Media) as a result of what’s been revealed during the investigation. You can see his tweet below:

It’s no surprise that Fisher has exposed, in his view at least, the real reason for Whedon’s departure from The Nevers. WB and HBO Max are unlikely to say anything about the investigation while it’s ongoing, due to the threat of legal action, but Fisher has shown in the past he’s not afraid to speak out in order to expose someone he clearly has no love for. Hopefully his comments are true, as if they aren’t, he might find himself facing legal action further down the line.

Regardless, if what Fisher says is accurate, it means the whole saga should be over soon, and Whedon’s fate will be revealed in due course. For the cast and crew of The Nevers the show must go on, with the report saying that the cast, including lead Laura Donnelly, and crew will keep working on the show for its 2021 premiere date. As for Fisher, he will be seen in an expanded role as Cyborg in Zack Snyder’s Justice League which will also premiere on HBO Max some time in 2021.

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Source: Ray Fisher/Twitter

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