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Some call Love, Actually one of the best Christmas movies that isn’t actually a Christmas movie. Because the 2003 romantic comedy is themed around Christmas, many fans like to watch and re-watch, it again and again during the holiday season. It’s one of those movies that people either absolutely love or think it’s the worst. The movie isn’t that old, and the large ensemble cast even got together for a short film on Red Nose Day 2017, picking up where some of the characters left off 14 years prior.

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The movie has several intertwining storylines, all involving a different kind of love, along with a very long cast list. It’s still veryy relevant today, so if the movie were actually made now, who might play some of the key characters?

16 Billy Mack: Djimon Hounsou

Love Actually Bill


Played by Bill Nighy, Billy Mack was an aging rock star who still had legions of fans, and he knew it. A perpetual ladies man who could never be tied down, his love story was one of the most unique: it was about his love for his manager and best friend and finally appreciating their strong bond of friendship as his most enduring relationship.

Djimon Hounsou actually got his start in music videos before he went on to tackle some really dramatic roles. He’d be a great option to play a reinvention of the character today, showcasing a comedic side that’s probably itching to come out.

15 Joe: James Corden

Love Actually Joe

While James Corden is a talk show host, many forget that he got his start acting in the U.K. In fact, he continues to act in movies and do voice roles to this day. He’d bring a level of comedy to this role as Billy Mack’s right-hand man and best friend.

The role of Joe was originally played by Gregor Fisher, and Corden could totally pull off the business manager having to deal with the spoiled, wild, and reckless musical legend.

14 Jamie: Patrick Dempsey

Love Actually Jamie

It would be hard to top Colin Firth’s performance as a struggling writer who, while escaping to his cottage in France to pen his next masterpiece, falls madly in love with his much younger Portuguese housekeeper.

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They don’t call Dempsey “McDreamy” for nothing. He would be a great choice to play the handsome, reclusive writer who wins the heart of a woman, despite their language barrier.

13 Aurelia: Hailee Steinfeld

Love Actually Aurelia

Steinfeld is a rising star in Hollywood who has appeared in everything from intense dramas to musical comedies. She could easily tackle this role as a foreign housekeeper who finds herself enamored by the American writer for whom she’s employed.

Lucia Moniz played the role in the original, and she is coincidentally a singer and actor just like Steinfeld. Part of Moniz’s appeal was that she wasn’t a known actor, but Steinfeld could easily tackle a sweet and innocent young woman who is swept off her feet, even if she’s already a huge star.

12 Daniel: Bradley Cooper

Love Actually Daniel

In one of the most touching stories in the movie, Daniel (Liam Neeson) is a single father raising his stepson Sam following the death of his wife. Combine the awkwardness of being left to care for a young boy dealing with the grief of losing his mother while also coming-of-age, it’s a complex role that requires a talented actor to bring it to life.

Bradley Cooper would be fitting for the job, and fans would probably be loving the idea of seeing him in a role as dad to add to the many diverse types of roles he has played to date.

11 Karen: Amy Adams

Love Actually Karen

Emma Thompson was fabulous in this role, which ranks as one of her top-10 movie roles, as a stay-at-home, seemingly happily married mother.

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When she begins to suspect that her husband is having an affair, a discovery reveals that it might just be true, devastating her. Amy Adams is one of the most underrated actors in Hollywood and one of the few who could do this role justice.

10 Mia: Anya Taylor-Joy

Love Actually Mia

There’s something captivating about Taylor-Joy, a perfect quality to play the role of the seductress, a secretary who flirts with her boss, eventually getting her way and seemingly convincing him to have an affair, or, at the very least, become infatuated with her.

Heike Makatsch originally played the role and did a wonderful job. But Taylor-Joy could bring an entirely new dimension to the character.

9 Peter: Daniel Kaluuya

Love Actually Peter

It was one of the odder storylines about a newly married couple in their state of wedded bliss. But while Peter’s now-wife Juliet is convinced that his best friend hates her, she soon discovers that he’s actually secretly in love with her, which is why he has been acting distant.

Chiwetel Ejiofor did a great job with the character, who was completely clueless as to his best friend’s unrequited love. Daniel Kaluuya is another young rising star who would make a perfect addition to the ensemble cast.

8 Mark: Tom Holland

Love Actually Mark

Andrew Lincoln has become a thing of memes thanks to this role. It’s mostly because of that scene when he shows up at Juliet’s door with a boombox and storyboards declaring his love for his friend’s wife and his understanding that he can never act on his feelings. (“To me, you are perfect.”)

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Tom Holland has the same boyish good looks and charm as Lincoln so in the role, he’d be perfect.

7 Juliet: Zoe Kravitz

Love Actually Juliet

Keira Knightley was wonderful as the blushing bride who was completely oblivious to the fact that her fiance’s best friend worshipped her and only acted annoyed with her for the sake of his “self-preservation.”

Zoe Kravitz has a similar seductive yet also sweet look and would be great for the role. Kravitz and Holland could have some serious on-screen chemistry.

6 David (The Prime Minister): Simon Baker

Love Actually David

David, who turns out to be Karen’s brother, is also the newly elected Prime Minister. And as he’s navigating his busy work life, he finds himself attracted to a new member of his staff. Despite trying to move her to another job to stop him from developing further feelings, the chemistry is too strong.

Hugh Grant was absolutely brilliant in the role. And while Baker, known best for his leading role in The Mentalist, isn’t as huge a star as Grant, this could be a career-defining role for him – especially if he was able to pull off that memorable dance sequence.

5 Sarah: Amanda Seyfried

Love Actually Sarah

Laura Linney was great as the office worker who secretly pines for her co-worker but is never confident enough to do something about it. She finally makes a move and realizes he feels the same way.

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But life gets in the way when she accepts the fact that all of her attention has to be on her mentally ill brother. Amanda Seyfried would be the perfect actor to play this role had the movie been made today.

4 Natalie: Maisie Williams

Love Actually Maisie

The young, fresh-faced, and innocent young woman who starts working in a junior role for the Prime Minister, this would be a major turn for Williams who is, of course, best known for playing the fierce Arya Stark on Game of Thrones.

Martine McCutcheon originally played the role but Williams could totally pull off the same girl-next-door type.

3 Sam: Roman Griffin Davis

Love Actually Sam

In arguably the sweetest story of the entire movie, Sam is a grade-schooler who has feelings for a girl in his class but doesn’t know what to do about it. He seeks the help of his stepfather who tries his best to bestow the right advice.

At just 13, Davis is already on Hollywood’s radar thanks to his lead role in the movie Jojo Rabbit. This movie is far less dramatic, but it would help show his versatility as an actor.

2 Harry: Jeremy Renner

Love Actually Harry

No one could top the late Alan Rickman in this role, a conflicted family man who can’t seem to shake off the advances of the pretty young secretary, even coming close to gifting her with an expensive necklace for Christmas.

Jeremy Renner has taken on a variety of roles throughout his career so this is likely one he could do with ease.

1 Karl: Michael B. Jordan

Love Actually Karl

Played by Rodrigo Santoro, Karl had an interesting quality in that he was able to pull off both nerdy and sexy. Considering Jordan was named People’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2020, he clearly has the sexy part down-pat.

Nerdy? He could pull off the stereotypical glasses and button-up shirt look without issue, too. In the movie, Karl was the unattainable man admired from a distance with the right mix of sex appeal and smarts. It’s Jordan to a tee.

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