She-Hulk Casting Details Tease Villain Role For Disney+ Show


Casting details for Marvel Studios’ She-Hulk series tease the villain role for the upcoming Disney+ series, and it might be a new take on Titania.

Casting details for She-Hulk tease the villain for Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney+ series. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a Hulk since nearly the moment it began, but Bruce Banner’s days of being the central giant green monster might be finished. After a transformation into Smart Hulk in Avengers: Endgame, Marvel announced last year that they were bringing Bruce’s cousin Jennifer Walters to the MCU in the form of a She-Hulk series on Disney+.

The addition of She-Hulk to the MCU will give the universe a new type of Hulk to explore. Not only does Jennifer usually maintain her intelligence when she is in her Hulk form, but she is also a lawyer by day – and sometimes even when she’s Hulked out. Marvel Studios reportedly cast Tatiana Maslany as She-Hulk for the Disney+ series, but she’s denied the casting to be true so far. She-Hulk currently doesn’t have any confirmed cast members, and plot details have been kept under wraps. But, some new information teases who the villain will be.

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Casting information obtained by The Illuminerdi reveals several new characters Marvel Studios is looking to cast for She-Hulk. They include Jennifer’s parents, a male coworker, and Jennifer’s best friend. But, they are also searching for a female in her 30s to play the main villain. The character’s code name is Lucy and is described as “a glamorous social media influencer, Kardashian-esque with a dark side.”


The description for She-Hulk‘s villain isn’t a direct match to any of her usual foes in the comics, but it could be the MCU’s way of updating Titania. Mary MacPherran is one of She-Hulk’s biggest villains in the comics and possesses superhuman strength and other superhuman abilities. The comics featured Mary as a small, poor, and unpopular girl who fantasized about getting powers. She received her abilities from Doctor Doom during Secret Wars, where she first came to battle She-Hulk.

If this role turns out to be Titania, her comic history and the new MCU take are polar opposites. However, that doesn’t mean that She-Hulk would have to ditch the comic origin altogether. Mary could still have been an unpopular and bullied girl when she was younger, resulting in her focusing even more on her looks. The desire for popularity would remain with social media becoming the outlet for Mary to find the attention she craves. This could even create a fabulous juxtaposition between She-Hulk and Titania, especially if Marvel changes the character further by having Mary’s powers only come when she transforms into Titania. Hopefully, with filming set to begin in early 2021, it won’t be long before She-Hulk‘s cast is announced, and we know who will play this role.

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Source: The Illuminerdi

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