The Justice League Just Launched Its Version of ‘Clone Wars’


In the fight to save DC’s Multiverse, Wonder Woman has enlisted the help of the most unkillable killer – to create an army of clones.

Warning: SPOILERS for Dark Nights: Death Metal #5!

DC’s heroes and villains are joining forces as the multiverse comes to an end in Dark Nights: Death Metal, and Wonder Woman is taking center stage with an army of Lobos backing her up.

The Batman Who Laughs, aka the Darkest Knight, has gained godlike powers and is currently preoccupied with a battle against the comparably powerful Perpetua. As the fight thunders on, the Darkest Knight is also moving forward with his plans to create a brand new multiverse in his own dreadful image. With such a monumental threat, DC’s heroes and villains are making a last ditch effort to save what they can.

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Thus far, DC’s heroes have not seen much success in their fight against the Darkest Knight. They had some small victories in their missions to destroy Perpetua’s throne and her Crisis Energy towers, but the Darkest Knight still managed to get stronger. With all hope seemingly lost, there wasn’t much that the heroes could do. Luckily, Lex Luthor arrived with a plan of his own, giving the heroes one more chance to save the day.

Dark Nights Death Metal Lobo Comic


In Dark Knights: Death Metal #5 by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, Luthor reveals his plan to use Anti-Crisis Energy to defeat both Perpetua and the Darkest Knight. According to Luthor, Anti-Crisis Energy is more powerful than its counterpart, Crisis Energy, and may therefore help the heroes to win. Only a hero who seeks the truth, however, can wield its power, as Anti-Crisis Energy connects all histories into one true timeline. Thus, in order for the plan to work, Wonder Woman will be going on a mission of her own.

While Wonder Woman is the only one who will be able to use the Anti-Crisis Energy to save the day, she still needs backup if she’s going to succeed. Thankfully, the Main Man has her covered. Wonder Woman enlists the help of Lobo to join her on her mission, as his absurd regenerative abilities can literally turn him into a one-man army. Every drop of blood Lobo sheds grows into a clone of him, and as soon as Wonder Woman approaches him for help, he bites down on his thumb, starting the process. By the time the Amazonian is ready to set out on her mission, there are dozens of Lobos ready to follow her command.

Wonder Woman and Lobo Clones Death Metal

Being the absolute powerhouse that he is, Lobo will certainly be a good bodyguard if things go poorly for Wonder Woman, especially since he has created so many copies of himself. While it’s certainly an obscure power, Lobo’s ability to clone himself with just a drop of blood is handy in a pinch. Still, even a whole squad of Main Men may not be enough for the fight ahead. Thankfully, another army full of heroes and villains has formed to help distract the Darkest Knight. The evil planets that the enemy has already created are on their way to Earth, and DC’s heroes and villains are going to put everything they can into stopping them.

With this war raging, Wonder Woman will hopefully be able to stay out of harm’s way and lead her allies to victory. Until then, she and Lobo have a lot of work cut out for them.

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