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Comcast plans to introduce new data caps to states in the eastern part of the United States beginning in 2021, subjecting customers to extra fees.

Comcast’s plans to implement data caps on customers in the northeastern states of the US from 2021 recently surfaced and it could mean extra fees for certain American internet users. Data caps are not a new concept by any means when it comes to internet service providers. That being said, Comcast’s new plan could see customers being charged more for the data they use.

A telecommunications company that’s been around since 1963, Comcast is one of the major internet service carriers available in the US today. Users in many states already have data caps in place on their non-unlimited Comcast plans, though Comcast did suspend its data caps for 60 days back in March as the coronavirus was spreading across the country. Now, though, Comcast seems poised to expand its use of data caps to several eastern states as soon as January of 2021.

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Xfinity customers in 15 additional states in the eastern United States will become part of the company’s 1.2 Terabyte Data Plan unless they decide to sign up for an unlimited plan. Any customer signed up for the 1.2 terabyte plan will be subject to overage charges if they surpass the data limit, with rates of $10 per 50 gigabytes capped at $100. Once the changes come into force, Xfinity customers in at least 42 states will have to deal with caps on their data usage.

What Data Caps Mean For Xfinity Customers

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Comcast’s data cap expansion may be unsettling news for Americans on the east coast who are working or studying from home during the coronavirus pandemic. The service provider did try to calm the waters a bit, noting that only about 5 percent of its customers approach the data cap. A 1.2 terabyte cap means that a customer could listen to 21,600 hours of continuous music or watch 500 hours of HD content without going over the limit.

Still, for larger households and customers that depend on the internet to work or complete schoolwork, this data cap could end up being costly. Comcast’s unlimited plan automatically adds $30 per month to a customer’s internet bill, which is an option for customers that tend to use a lot of data. There’s always the chance, though, that unlimited plan customers won’t pass the data cap, meaning $30 being spent for nothing. On the other hand, without it, customers may have to stream carefully or face the potential of up to $100 extra in monthly costs.

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