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Emma Booth is an Australian actress best known for her guest appearance on Once Upon A Time, but here’s a guide to her other movies and TV shows.

Here’s a guide to Once Upon A Time’s Emma Booth movies and TV shows. Hailing from Perth, Australia, Booth started acting at the age of thirteen, starring her career with a role on Aussie children’s series The Adventures Of The Bush Patrol in 1996. She also became a teen model around this time but moved back towards acting in the early 2000s with parts in miniseries The Shark Net and a guest role on long-running medical drama All Saints.

In 2007 Emma Booth was cast in period drama Hippie Hippie Shake as pioneering feminist Germaine Greer, alongside Cillian Murphy and Sienna Miller. Despite finishing filming and going through several test screenings, the movie was ultimately never released and remains unlikely to be. Booth’s first official movie debut was 2007 comedy Clubland, and she later co-starred alongside Michael Fassbender and Henry Cavill in Joel Schumacher’s (sadly) underseen horror movie Blood Creek in 2009.

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In 2010 Emma Booth appeared in gritty crime miniseries Underbelly: The Golden Mile, which was based on real-life events. In 2012 she appeared alongside Guy Pearce in the TV movie Jack Irish: Bad Debts, and later returned for the sequel Dead Point. She also co-starred with Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez in the lukewarm 2013 thriller Parker. 2016 would prove a big year for the actress, where she appeared in both blockbuster Gods Of Egypt as the goddess Nephthys and the harrowing thriller Hounds Of Love.


In Hounds Of Love, Emma Booth portrayed one half of a murderous couple who kidnap and torture a teenager. The film was based on real-life events and Booth received praise for her performance. In 2017 Emma Booth’s Once Upon A Time villain Mother Gothel made her debut, who was a tree nymph with bleak plans for mankind, but as is the case with most villains on the show she was defeated in the end. Following her role on Once Upon Upon A Time, in 2018 Booth appeared in the Netflix sci-fi movie Extinction with Michael Peña and Lizzy Caplan, which revealed largely weak reviews.

Emma Booth has been very active in her native Australia in recent years, having played a lead role in mystery thriller Glitch, which ran for three seasons. In a similiar setup to The Returned, the story sees a group of people – including Booth’s character Kate – suddenly return to life after being dead for years. Emma Booth’s most recent project was 2020’s The Gloaming, another mystery thriller where she plays a cop looking into a murder that may be connected to her past; another season is currently in the works.

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