The 10 Best First Contestants Sent Home


Though there are a lot of relationships that are still going strong thanks to the matchmaking show, not every bachelorette has found her knight in shining armor. Or maybe they met them, and they just overlooked them on the first night.

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As many former contestants on The Bachelorette probably look back and think what could have been with the people they sent packing on the first night, there were quite a few candidates that the viewers would have to see more of. And even if these contestants weren’t husband material, some of them should have stayed simply because they were hilarious.

10 Hunter Jones

Hunter Jones


It’s unfortunate that Hunter Jones left so early because, based on his career, he could have been one of the most interesting contestants of the whole season. He has a huge passion for the great outdoors, is an athlete, and an incredible surfer.

Being a part of Hannah B’s season, in which the contestants and the bachelorette were actually allowed to leave the mansion/hotel for activities and group dates, Hunter could have shown off his talents.

9 AJ Yalawan

AJ Yalawan

AJ is one of the many men who have commented on the show after being booted off, saying that he felt like he tried too hard to meet Clare’s wants and needs. However, considering he barely spent more than five minutes with her, it’s likely that he’s projecting a little.

Still, being one of the very few Muslims to have ever been on the show, fans would have liked to have seen more of him – especially as he was excited to show Clare his background and culture, AJ’s presence would have added some much-needed variety to the show.

8 Matt Donald

Matt Donald

It looked as if Matt was going to go far in the season based on the first episode, as a lot of time was spent on his home life, how he takes care of his parents, and how he runs a farm.

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He was one of the most kind-hearted guys who didn’t have a bad bone in his body, so it was a huge disappointment when he wasn’t given a rose during the first ceremony. The viewers had hoped he would find love in Bachelor in Paradise.

7 Jordan M

Jordan M

Though there were a lot of twitter reactions in which fans wanted to protect Bennett at all costs, the same can’t be said for many of the other men. Despite being one of the first to leave in season 16, fans learned almost nothing about Jordan M compared to the other contestants who were the first to leave.

However, he seemed like one of the most intriguing guys in the whole series. Jordan stands at six feet, eight inches and he has an interesting mix of interests as he enters hacking competitions and writes poetry.

6 Chasen Coscia

Chasen Coscia

Like Peter, Chasen was the second pilot to try and win Hannah B’s heart. However, instead of donning his pilot outfit and hat like Pete did, he simply gave Hannah a paper airplane.

Unfortunately, Hannah only gave one pilot a rose during the first rose ceremony, but it would have been great to see Chasen get through, as it would have been fun to watch him and Pete lock horns and battle it out for the crown of the most romantic pilot.

5 Page Pressley

Page Pressley

Being completely covered in tattoos, Page rocked up wearing a shirt with very few buttons done up, revealing some pretty questionable artwork. Ironically, he was one of the closest contestants to Clare’s age, as Page is 37 years old.

However, it just seemed as if the connection just wasn’t right between them. It’s unlucky for Page, as he could have seen more success with Taysha.

4 Joe Barsano

Joe Barsano

There are no awards for guessing where Joe Barsano is from, because as soon as he starts talking it couldn’t be more obvious that he hails from the Windy City.

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The Chicago native was desperately looking to start a family as his two brothers already have huge families, and he runs a cardboard-box business with those very brothers. Though he might not have been the perfect candidate, it would have been great to have him stick around for a few laughs at least.

3 Mike Tobin

Mike Tobin

Being another perfect candidate for Clare at 38 years old, Mike Tobin had a lot of great things going for him. The Canadian native was expectedly one of the nicest contestants of season 16 and, on paper, he was perfect for the bachelorette.

However, season 16 might not have been the right season for him as he’s a very active and outdoorsy type, so being locked up in the hotel might have made him feel a little uncomfortable.

2 Scott Anderson

Scott Anderson

Being another contestant hailing from Chicago, Scott Anderson was sent home before it even reached the rose ceremony in the first episode, as it was found out by Hannah B that he still had a girlfriend at the time of airing.

It’s unfortunate that this epiphany happened so early on, as it would have had much more impactful if he had stayed on for a couple more episodes and gotten to know Hannah a little better.

1 Robby Stahl

Robby Stahl

There were a ton of crazy reactions when Tayshia replaced Clare. However, if Tayshia was the bachelorette from the start, Robby may have still been in the running. Robby runs his own insurance brokerage and spends his time between Tampa and Los Angeles.

He seemed to have a lot of interesting traits that he, unfortunately, didn’t have enough time to show. Like most contestants, it seemed that they had different wants and desires.

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