Bridgerton: Who Is The Featherington Heir?


Bridgerton season 1 ends with several twists, including the tease of a mysterious heir to the Featherington estate, but who could it be?

Bridgerton season 1 ends with several twists, including the tease of a mysterious heir to the Featherington estate, but who is the mystery character that will inherit Baron Featherington’s fortune? The riches of the Featheringtons, who are slightly less well-to-do than the titular family, fall and rise across Bridgerton season 1, which sees their daughters struggling to find suitors, a pregnancy scandal, and the head of the household, Archibald, losing all of their money before reclaiming it thanks to fixing a boxing match. Unfortunately, while this restores their wealth, it costs Baron Featherington his life, as the crooks he swindles get their revenge on him.

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This leads into the biggest dangling mystery from Bridgerton season 1’s ending. When Lady Portia Featherington asks if they have found a name, Mrs. Varley, her servant, responds: “Oh, we located him, ma’am. The man who will inherit the Featherington Estate. Only – well – look.” The name is written on a bit of paper, but while it’s clearly meaningful to both Lady Featherington and Mrs. Varley, viewers aren’t clued in to the identity of the heir. Unlike with some of Bridgerton‘s lingering questions – such as what happened to Daphne’s father (who was killed by a reaction to a bee sting) – there are unfortunately no answers to be found in the book series by Julia Quinn, since this is a storyline invented for the Netflix show. That means looking at who the Featherington heir is becomes rather speculative, though some logic can be applied to the guesswork.

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At the very least, it’s a man, and a name that is known to the Featheringtons, which means it can’t just be someone totally random, but also means it could very well be a new character – if there’s a notable male addition to the cast of Bridgerton season 2, then it wouldn’t be a surprise if they ended up inheriting the estate. That could be a lesser Featherington or some other distant relative, but if it’s someone who has already been mentioned, then it could be Marina Thompson’s father. Bridgerton has already established that Baron Featherington owed him money, and giving him the estate could have been a necessary means of paying off his debts, or giving Marina’s father an “insurance policy” of sorts. That itself works somewhat because there’s partial setup for it, rather than introducing a brand new character, but it would mostly be interesting because it would lay the groundwork for Marina’s baby to get the fortunate eventually, and so Marina herself would take the Featherington wealth. It would bring her back into the storyline, and give her a deserved victory.


Outside of those options, then it gets a little trickier to predict. The boxer, Will Mondrich, is an outside candidate simply by virtue of being one of the men Baron Featherington interacts with the most, and it was thanks to him that the family regained their fortune, but it seems a little too charitable a move based on what’s revealed of Archibald’s character, who tends to serve himself and then his family, and no one else. Simon Bassett, The Duke of Hastings, sees what’s going on, but it’s hard to imagine that being motivation enough to leave a fortune to him. Looking at the future books, then Nigel Berbrooke is another character who comes into contact with the Featheringtons, as it’s said he marries Philippa, but that feels like too left-field a choice right now, even if it would bring back once of the show’s most loathsome villains.

Similarly, it feels unlikely that he’d give it to one of the Bridgertons, since there is little narrative value to gain from it because they have so much wealth already, and are already involved in Featherington storylines. That’s why it’s more likely to be someone related to the Featheringtons, so that there can be a familial struggle over the claim, and a means for the Featheringtons to hold on to their wealth and status for longer, which is especially important with Penelope as Lady Whistledown. With her in that role, then she’s perfectly positioned to make the Featherington heir into an even bigger deal, and could build him up or tear him down depending on what his own actions and intentions are in Bridgerton season 2.

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