When Rust Is Coming To Xbox One & Xbox Series X


Rust, the survival game from Facepunch Studios, is a breakout hit on sites like Twitch. So, when is the game coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series X?

Fans of Rust, the survival game from Facepunch Studios, are eager for it to come to Xbox and PlayStation consoles. The game has proven incredibly popular recently on sites like Twitch, as big-name streamers have reintroduced Rust to their audiences. Sales have skyrocketed on Steam, since the game is currently only available for PC. But when will Rust come to Xbox One and Xbox Series X?

Releasing in early access on Steam in 2013, Rust was fully released a little over two years ago. Since then, it’s developed and maintained a loyal following. Now, streamers have resurrected the game on Twitch, and Rust has become a surprise breakout hit of 2021. Due to its rise in popularity, a lot of people are eager to see the game arrive on consoles like Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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A console announcement for Rust┬ácame in 2019, and it was expected to release in 2020 for both Xbox and PlayStation consoles. However, the game was unfortunately delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Employees from both the developer and publisher Double Eleven have been working from home, and adjusting to the obstacles that come from doing so, which is why Rust┬ádidn’t hit its original 2020 release date. This has led some people interested in playing Rust for the first time to wonder if it’s even still releasing on Xbox One and Xbox Series X, and when to expect the game’s new release.

Is Rust Still Coming To Xbox One & Xbox Series X?

when rust is coming to ps4 and ps5


In a statement from Double Eleven, the company made it clear that Rust is still being made for consoles. The survival game is simply delayed, and development seems to be making steady progress. Even with the obstacles faced by Double Eleven and Facepunch Studios, though, it appears that Rust will be releasing on Xbox consoles fairly soon. The announcement indicates a release window of 2021, although a specific date wasn’t shared.

Of course, the global pandemic is still ongoing, so further development delays may occur as a result. The PC version of Rust continues to get regular updates, which indicates the studio is still developing content at a steady rate. Most likely, a late 2021 release date is imminent for Rust on Xbox One and Xbox Series X. However, additional and unexpected delays could push the console version of the game into 2022.

Until an exact release date is shared, fans are only left with a 2021 release window for Rust. Thankfully, the survival game is already available on PC, and Xbox users have some great alternatives to play while they wait. Hopefully, fans of the game won’t have to wait too much longer before Rust releases on Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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