Angelina Jolie Praises Eternals Director Chloé Zhao’s Marvel Film Work


Angelina Jolie praised Chloé Zhao’s work on Eternals, saying she is looking forward to seeing what the Oscar winner has done with the MCU film.

Thena star Angelina Jolie praised Chloé Zhao’s work on her upcoming Marvel film Eternals. Zhao is bringing a fresh perspective to the MCU with the upcoming film – the director has had unprecedented control over the creative process behind the scenes. Marvel president Kevin Feige was so impressed with Zhao’s pitch for Eternals that he brought her onboard to work on the screenplay. Zhao was also able to use as much practical affects as possible while filming in real world locations. All of this has added up to make Eternals one of the most unique Marvel films yet and anticipation has steadily built for the film since its announcement.

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Joining Jolie in the film are a cast of A-listers, including both Richard Madden and Kit Harrington from Games of Thrones, Kumail Nanjiani, Brian Tyree Henry, Salma Hayek, and Don Lee. Marvel showed off the first look at Eternals in a Phase 4 sizzle reel, giving a glimpse as to what’s in store for one of the MCU’s most mysterious projects. While the footage was only a few seconds long, the hype for the film was only strengthened by what was shown.

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Jolie herself is particularly excited to see the final product, telling CinemaBlend that she can wait for people to see the film. When asked about Zhao’s recent Oscar wins, Jolie had nothing but praise for the director, professing how happy she was that Zhao was able to snag a few of the golden statues. Jolie goes on to say that she believes Zhao is bringing something new to the table for Marvel and that her voice as a director will shine through in the film.

I was very, very happy. Very, very happy. I think she’s a special director, She’s a really interesting woman. She’s very thoughtful, very serious about her work. And I think she’s bringing a new voice through her films, and I think to Marvel. So I’m very excited for people to see it.


Zhao’s work on Nomadland scored her a Best Director and Best Picture trophy. The director is only the second woman to win the Best Director award and the first woman of color to do so. Zhao’s grounded, naturalistic approach to her films may seem at odds with the more fantastical aesthetics of the MCU, but Feige and the studio clearly seem confident that Zhao’s vision will translate well.

With the film slated for a November release, Zhao is still working on Eternals‘ final cut, tinkering with the film until she gets it just right. Zhao edited the entirety of Nomadland by herself from home during the pandemic and although the post-production process is quite different for a blockbuster of this size, the director is clearly pouring all she has into the film. Luckily, it won’t be too long before another look at Eternals is released as Marvel is clearly gearing up to begin promoting their theatrical slate that will premiere in the second half of this year.

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Source: CinemaBlend

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