Fear The Walking Dead Sets Up The Civic Republic’s Return In Season 6


As a new threat emerges in Fear The Walking Dead, another might prove a useful ally. The Civic Republic are coming back to the apocalypse in season 6.

Fear The Walking Dead has paved the way for the Civic Republic’s imminent return… but not necessarily in the way you expected. With three separate projects currently active, the world of The Walking Dead is telling stories all across the zombie-infested United States, but one common thread runs throughout the entire franchise – the mysterious Civic Republic. The Walking Dead dropped numerous hints that a large group with helicopters was operating in plain sight, before one of their soldiers appeared in the flesh in Fear The Walking Dead season 5. Walking Dead: World Beyond then took the reins, giving a first glimpse at Civic Republic settlements and introducing a figure of authority. Even so, there’s still much to discover about this huge community and their less-than-noble intentions.

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Some (including yours truly) suspected that the Civic Republic was the unseen threat Ginny had been planning to fight in Fear The Walking Dead season 6. Of course, this turned out to be the graffiti group instead – a much more logical outcome. Rather than just post-apocalyptic street artists, however, this new community is a fully-fledged cult, complete with bearded leader, 1984-style brainwashing, and undead veg. Led by local Charles Manson impersonator Teddy, this underground doomsday cult are planning to shut themselves off from the surface world, but not before launching an attack on the “misguided souls” who dwell above. Although Teddy’s cult certainly is not the Civic Republic, the two are connected, and the introduction of one looks to trigger the return of the other.

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While investigating Teddy’s people, Alicia and her friends discovered the secret maps and overlays used by the CRM (Civic Republic Military). The villains also had transcripts of their radio transmissions, drop-point locations, and helicopter routes. They even had a zombified CRM soldier out back. While Alicia, Morgan and the others have no alliance with the Civic Republic (most of them don’t even know it exists), Al and Dwight encountered a soldier, Isabelle, earlier in the season, with the former engaging her romantically, despite death threats. Armed with her knowledge of Teddy’s group, Al is heading to meet with Isabelle once more, hoping to warn her about the cult’s dastardly intentions for both groups.

CRM soldier in Fear Walking Dead


Evidently, the Civic Republic will return in Fear The Walking Dead season 6, possibly factoring into season 7 also. It all depends on how quickly Al can rendezvous with her post-apocalyptic fling, but make no mistake, Fear The Walking Dead wouldn’t be teasing more of Isabelle if the Civic Republic wasn’t making a return in the near future. Hopefully, this will mean more CRM questions will be answered, in particular their plan to supposedly save humanity.

Whether Al’s reunion with Isabelle goes the way she hopes is another matter entirely. CRM soldiers are vehemently secretive, and Isabelle will be livid that Al has sought her out after their previous dalliance. Forewarning of the Teddy threat might not be enough for Al to earn the favor or trust of the Civic Republic’s loyal, cold-blooded soldiers. And while Teddy’s presence is certainly a threat to Morgan’s new community, would the CRM even care? Sure, they won’t be happy that an underground hippy commune has been following their movements, and wouldn’t take too kindly if Teddy’s people attacked a chopper, but the Civic Republic slaughtered thousands at Campus Colony and made it home in time for tea. Ted’s kooky cult is small, zombie-grown potatoes to the CRM.

Unfortunately, Al is blissfully unaware of how powerful the Civic Republic is. So while Maggie Grace heads to meet Isabelle harboring hopes of an alliance, she could be inviting an even bigger threat to Morgan’s door. The Civic Republic can handle Teddy without any outside help, and when their enemies are ground into beet fertilizer, they’ll turn their attention toward Al and her people, looking to tie up any loose ends and keep their existence a secret. Through his time in The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead, Morgan has survived an awful lot – but could be endure the Civic Republic?

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