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Best Soldier Class Build in Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Advertisements Across the Mass Effect trilogy, players can select a class for their unique Commander Shepard from one of six options. In Mass Effect, there are six classes combining weapons combat, biotic, and tech abilities. Three classes, Soldier, Adept, and Engineer, are the pure combat, biotics, and tech classes, respectively. The other three, Vanguard, Sentinel, and Infiltrator, combine abilities […]

10 Best Pieces Of Concept Art Fans Need To See

Advertisements   The mere idea of Tim Burton’s scrapped DC movie Superman Lives feels like a total fever dream. Based on the then-recent storyline “The Death of Superman,” Burton’s weird vision of The Man of Steel, based on a story by Kevin Smith, was days away from filming before it was canceled. RELATED: Superman’s 10 Funniest Comic Book Storylines As […]

10 Best Family Friendly Reality TV Shows

Advertisements For older audiences, there are many excellent options for reality television. From singing contests to social media-inspired competitions to lifestyle shows, there is an ever-increasing number of reality shows that capture unscripted drama and humor. However, because these shows are unscripted they can sometimes contain content or language that can be considered unsuitable for younger audiences. […]